Using Vegetable Oil in Diesel Car.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mark3536, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi All.

    As fuel prices are becoming a joke, a mate of mine suggested using Vegetable Oil in my Diesel car. Initially i thought he was joking untill i did some research on google and there are plenty of various forums about it.

    For the last few months i have been using a mix of 50/50 oil to Diesel. I buy the oil at a rate of 89p a Litre (through bulk buy 10L drums) and the car runs perfectly, some
    people use a mix of 90/10 oil to Diesel but i have not yet been so brave.

    You are legally allowed to buy and use 2500L a year for using it as fuel since 2007. Any one else with experience of this? or use any other different types of fuels in a Diesel car?

  2. **** that. Sounds like more trouble than it's worth.

    Have you looked at biodiesel instead?
  3. I have run my 2.5 Pajero on veg oil mix for a few years depending upon the veg oil price - Veg oil has varied over the last few years from 70p litre to over £1.35 so i switch between normal diesel and a mix depending upon price.

    I usually run it at 3:1 veg oil: diesel and it runs just fine. Having said that it has a heated fuel filter 6v glow plug system and twin batterries as std so winter starts aren't an issue.

    From what I remember from reading up on it a few years ago veg oil tends to run better when used in an indirect injection engine rather than a direct injection system as the pre-swirl helps volatilise the thicker veg oil. In theory most diesels engines should be able to use veg oil BUT this will depend on the way its injection system is set up (IID or DID) and one of the most important issues is the make/model of fuel pump fitted in your car. Some pumps don't handle veg oil very well as the pump seals on certain makes/models of pumps can swell on contact with veg oil and cause premature seal failure.

    Before sticking it in you engine I'd look for more info on the specfic engine /car that you have and see if the make of pump fitted to it can handle veg oil.

    Be careful which type of veg oil you pick eg rape seed or sunflower types as this can have some effect on carbonisation from impurities. Bog std cooking oil is generally the best.

    I alsways use veg oil when it comes to the MOT as it gives better emissions - the oil tends to break down into smaller hydrocarbons rather than soot - hence the smell of chips rather than a black cloud of soot.
  4. .
    So you put 20litres of Vege Oil in your tank with 20 litres of Diesel? Do you not have to change anything on the engine? I bet your car stinks
  5. As long as you stick to summer use you should be ok. Dont do it in winter or you risk clogging your fuel system up. Also, before MOT, run a few tanks of the real thing through it.
  6. Just read JRHs last comment about MOT. Contradicts me and I am surprised by it (although I am not going to say he is wrong). When I did it, I assumed that running real diesel through before the MOT would clear out the system of any impourities and so let it give a "correct" emmisions reading. I never failed an MOT on emmisions.

    I read somewhere that Rape-seed oil is the best option - handy as it is also usually the cheapest. Olive Oil is the most expensive and not a good choice as it contains a high percentage of water.

    I will be switching back to diesel for my next car and will probably be going down the 1/3rd vegetable oil route.
  7. I always enjoyed the smell which reminded me more of fresh donuts than chips.
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  8. I did this a couple of years ago with a ford focus I had,everything was fine for quite a while,must admit I did think "what am I doing putting a few Litres of Aldis finest in what was then a six month old car" at first but then totally ignored the voice of reason in my head as I've always done.For about year it was fine,then it broke down on the way to the airport at early o clock on the M4,we missed our flight ,the wife went banzai when I told her what I'd been doing.The recovery driver said he was surprised that a focus engine as new as mine would go tits up as they were reliable engines"just as long as I hadn't been putting cooking oil in it" I made a little laugh and agreed with him!
    It turned out the tank was full of sludge,cost about £170 to get cleaned out.The car would conk out now and again then would restart after a few minutes.I traded it in,couldn't be trusted.
    If it's anything other than a shit heap mate worth sod all I would consider your options.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Also check that homeopathy in the fuels and lubes department does not invalidate your insurance or your warranty.
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My cousin used to run an old shitbox Citroen Xsara on used cooking oil that he proffed from his mate's Thai restaurant and filtered through a sieve.

    It went for well over 10,000 miles before it died a spectacular death, not bad considering he originally bought it from the auctions for under 100 quid. Only snag was he and the car absolutely stank of Thai food.
  11. No one going to mention the fact that you should be paying extra tax on that veggie oil?

    HM Revenue & Customs

    So pay up you tax thief. No better than benefit scroungers the lot of you. :)

    Serious note - don't get caught.
  12. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I wouldn't be so sure if I was you.

    Part 4 of the Biofuels & Other Fuel Substitutes (etc) Regulations 2004 refers to the making entry of premises for the production of biofuels. It requires that anyone who produces more than 2500 Litres of biofuel within a twelve month period to enter their premises with HMRC and account for any duty due on the biofuels produced in the entered premises.

    s2AA HODA defines biodiesel as:

    "... diesel quality liquid fuel -
    a) that is produced from biomass or waste cooking oil,
    b) the ester content of which is not less than 96.5% by weight, and
    c) the sulphur content of which does not exceed 0.005% by weight or is nil"

    Adding SVO to diesel does not qualify as biodiesel production - it isn't esterified.

    In this instance, the veg oil is acting as a fuel substitute which is dutiable at the same rate of excise duty as the fuel that it replaces.
  13. I remember something about a hippy in Vancouver doing this. He would drop a block of lye into the veg oil, and would end up with fuel and soap in the end. Not sure what the lye does, but perhaps it clarifies the fuel/ changes the ignition rate? Anyone know how that would work?
  14. If you fit a heated fuel line you can run on Biodiesel 100%.