Using the Regular Reserve on camps?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. Anyone do it?

    Thats appears to be a fair number of MTD's, which could be used to bolster units strength on camps. (I'm a on a v large ex next year and extra bods would be more than useful).

    My previous unit did it on one camp and it seemed to work very well, main problem was working out what to do with the WO1 posted to my section....
  2. Sounds interesting. Can the Long Term Reserve do the same?
  3. I think so but from the lack of replies, I don't think the TA have asked to use ex-regs on camps a lot. Doesn't make sense really, seems like a good way of getting ex-regs interested in the TA.
  4. Didn't know it was possible, how do you get hold of them?
  5. Hmmm. We did an Ex with 5 or 6 RR on it a few years ago, basically they were a waste of time. Remember they decided to jack the Army in the first place. They basically refused to do anything tactical, would only work as drivers or similar - and even then made a fuss about accommodation, wanted quiet rooms with proper beds etc for "Drivers Rest". "Interested in the TA" - No chance, bunch of work-shy barrack-room lawyers, only turned up for the money.
  6. As an ex-regular and now reservist (who was mobilised for a Telic), I think you're tarring all with the same brush there old chap.

    Certainly not the case with me (despite not being totally enthralled with being in Iraq). Worked my socks off even if I did annoy the management a little.
  7. Maybe those guys were, but you can't tar everyone with the same brush.

    If anyone has a vacancy for possibly the oldest stag monster/brew bitch known to man, please feel free to PM me.

  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Worth noting that a LARGE proportion of Reservists currently mobilised are Regular Reserve - i.e. ex-Regs - rather than TA. The RR is increasingly being seen as a good source of manpower; expect to see its utility greatly increased in the next few years as new Terms of Service come in.

    Meanwhile, in the dim and distant past - Exercise Brave Defender, UK Home Defence, 1985 (or '86?) - whole bunches of RRs were 'called up' for a week of it. A fecking disaster. Whoever organised it reckoned that those who had just left would be the keenest to come back (can you see the problem yet?). Oddly enough it turned out that, for the most part, they weren't that keen to e in green, having recently left. They (almost all were lads who had done the 3 years minimum Sservice) refused to shave, or do anything even vaguely Soldier-like. Quite entertaining, but no use whatsoever.

    That was then, now things are different, and Reg Res are certainly one of the Flavours of the Month.
  9. I was ask to do this in 96. About 8 of us turned up out of 20, attached to some mob from Telford. Had a great 2 weeks and it did get me interested in the TA and I know at least one other that joined the TA after it, so maybe not a bad idea after all.
  10. and part of the TA's justification gets lost. Guess the infantry are safe, a fit young TA Pte/LCpl is wanted more than a 22 year Pte/LCpl.
  11. Who asked you? My Regt is on a very big Ex next year, I could do with extra bods to employ in nice & easy work and stop me from working in a friggin COMMCEN for 2 weeks.
  12. Dunno about that, quite a few of the reservists I deployed with were in their 20s/early 30s, some were making it [going on tour] a way of life (and quite a few TA lads seemed to be doing the same).
  13. Another Hmmmm. The RR USED to be where the Regular Army thought it would get their best reserve from - but TELIC has shown that NOT to be the case - for one thing most RR could not be found or did not answer the brown envelope. "Gone Away" or "Not Known at this Address" etc etc. For that reason its the TA who are now "the Reserve of Choice". Maybe that will change if they have better ToS ? Bottom line is that most of these blokes are in the RR because they chose to leave the Army.
  14. Certainly wasn't the case on my Telic.

    Maybe they did choose to leave (although you don't know the reason in every case), but I found there to be just as much of a spread of good/bad as anywhere (in fact I spent 6 months sharing a room with a TA lad who was a complete liability and didn't want to be there).

    Feel free to lump us all in the same boat, I'm sure you feel great when people do likewise when mentioning the TA...
    I bet there are plenty there who also won't deploy.

    edited to make more sense
  15. Indeed mate - some of us leave to pursue new careers - not because we all hate the Army... I'm sure a few of us wouldn't mind being called up - when I've finished uni and settled into my new career for a few years, I wouldn't mind doing a tour.