Using the Phone to Recruit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by abacus, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. It seems that the most common first contact (at least outgoing contact) between TA and a potential new recruit is by telephone. Whether it be following up a RFCA Lead or chasing up that list of names the Recruit Team brought back from the local show or responding to an enquiry the AO took during the week.

    So what do you say? Do you use a script or scripts? Do you try and sell the TA during the all or is your focus on getting them in the door for someone else to do that?

    Whatever approach you take, are you successful?
  2. Speaking from experience the importance of using a limited script to get them to come to the centre is probably the best option.

    Anyone who has dealt with recruiting will know that once contact has been made, the initiative must be placed on hooking them deep enough to make sure they attend the centre where nurturing process can begin.

    Without having face to face contact or seeing the person its too easy to blurt out shed loads of information that might otherwise be a complete waste of time.

    So yes use a script but selling the job in a short glamorous way and highlight the social side of it to the full.

    In most cases when i have spoken to prospective TA applicants over the years, the underpinning factor of them wanting to join the TA is to join for the cameraderie, the job with a challenge and the teamwork aspect.

    So again keep it sweet, sell it in its best light and get them in the door ASAP as idle minds tend to wander, and above all captivate to motivate ;)
  3. msr

    msr LE


    Please could you post me a copy of the script?

  4. I would dearly love to, i really would, however i have to say any time i get on the phone i do it purely from an initial feeling i get from the question

    "okay what are you looking for out from a career in the Military that your civilian life isnt offering at the moment?"

    from that i use it to not only spur conversation and get them talking (instead of trying to tell you what they think you want to hear) but i also use it to gain the rapport that is crucial for hooking them.

    after that you can base your own script on fulfilling their needs, after all if you arent able to offer what they are after then you arent going to recruit them.

    Hence the "captivate to motivate" expression (which isnt trademarked but is my own so no nicking it!!!!! :D )

    By that i mean, ask what they need, explain how you can fulfil that need and enhance on it by using your own (honest) experience to prove it.

    Once you have opened your eyes then give them the big guns about how cheap the beer is and that not meant to say that the TA are all about getting lagered up, its the opportunity to get the potential recruit on their first night talking to those already trained, those going through training and those that are there because they want to be. (early integration into the team is paramount).

    Hell if it works, offer them a free drink if they come down to the centre for a chat, no catches, an informal chat in a comfy envirnoment showing what cameraderie is all about ;)
  5. Not sure if this is the right place but can someone please answer me this question

    If rcruitment is so important why put up a phone number that is never manned, you leave a message and get zero reply

    Also why do teams never reply to emails ?

    OK I'm being specific here but it still annoys me
  6. Best responce time I have ever heard of was a mate applying to join the Marines. After filling out the internet form they phoned back in 4 hours. 4 HOURS!!!!!

    As opposed to myself applying for info from the army before going to uni. Got a letter asking if I wanted to apply for a bursary. 6 days after I graduated 3 years later. Good effort guys!
  7. Surely if the forces want people to join up then it is up to them to pursue the potential recruit and not the other way around! They must lose quite a few potentials by ignoring them.I know that a lot of people will say if you want to join up you have to go to the recruitment centre,but if the young person is only enquiring about it,surely he would like to speak to SOMEONE ABOUT IT and then the recruiter could follow up by inviting him/her to come along and get further information,and maybe just start the whole process off and get that enquirer to sign on eventually.
  8. We've all tried contacting the unit only to find they're on a naafi break/in the stores/lunchtime run/day off because they worked a weekend in 1982/etc. So:

    How about a dedicated recruiting mobile for each unit. A member of the recruiting team/SPSI/PSAO is to have the phone with them (on a rota?) 24/7. Pain of death for it not being answered.

    It'd take some discipline for it not to be abused ("oh jones's got the recruiting mobile, lets ring him on that to get him to bring the KFC in") but would make for better recruiting relations.

    Just a thought.
  9. Answer to the 3 posts before stabtiffy's - my first post. Please folks can we keep this thread as a how to thread - I've started one for things that go wrong HERE so feel free to have a biatch in there if you want.

    And, carry on....
  10. Came across this problem and found that the standard "use an answer machine" was not working well in as much as no one could ever tell the CO how many queries we had received.

    So we now have a computer system system that hides behind an 0845 number and passes the call into the office. If the call is not answered in 15 secs it goes into a menu and asks if you want to join, talk to admin, or talk to the SPSI. If you want to join you get a message about joining up and can leave a message with your details.

    The nice bit is that the system logs all the calls including the caller's number so it is easy enough to answer the question about how many calls etc. The voice messages are emailed as a sound file attached to a message giving the details of the call i.e. DTG, CLI, Duration to the PSAO so if you need to you can keep them on file.

    You can hear a demonstration on 0845 433 0444. N.B. It is a technology demonstration, not an example of a commercial voiceover!

    Edited to add:

    The cost to the unit, apart from writing the scripts, for this was nil.
  11. BTW: This is what the PSAO (or whoever) receives:

    FAO Recruiting Team:

    You were just left a 0:04 long message (number 1) from 01711231234, on Friday, January 20, 2006 at 02:55:23 PM
    Suggest you give them a ring after listening to the attached message.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Is this 'official' or has someone 'donated' it?

  13. It's not painted green if that's what you mean, but it is a commerical offering and had been approved by the COC and implemented with the agreement of the RFCA.