Using tear gas against rioters?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fltpilot, Dec 11, 2010.

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  1. Why do the Police not start using tear gas to disperse student rioters?
    If they the rioters knew this could happen would they rampage through London causing wanton damage to both property & the police?
  2. Because tear gas is indiscriminate, and there were a large number of people in the area who hadn't done anything wrong?
  3. Sixty

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    Jesus wept. Do we really need yet another thread about this?

    You could have tacked this on to the latest 'what I'd do if I were in charge' effort in this very forum. Possibly ignoring the fact that that game is normally played in pubs by purple-nosed gentlemen with yellow eyes.
  4. If you want to move it in to another thread then do so?
    And then delete/lock this one?
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    I would have merged it if I moderated this forum. However since I don't, I can't, so berated you for being a silly boy instead.
  6. Sorry....just went in feet first...will read the other threads in future before starting a new thread.
  7. A good idea would be to ask some Pig Farmers to drive their Honey Wagons into central London, and spray these rioting f**kers with pig slurry..... However, that will be again their Oomin Rites......
  8. You've got shares in a respirator company, haven't you.
  9. a number of factors, as already mentioned its use can't be target to a single trouble maker,it takes time to dispurse,I think the area has to be decontaminated after (read this somewhere)

    I think a better idea would be to have a few guys with paintball guns (stick with me here) and a hopper of pepperball rounds

    single targeted shots, the paint marks them (for evidence purposes) as having been there, the pepper in them works as an irritant , and to cover each officer a small camera could be mounted on the launcher

    do like the yanks so spray each gun bright orange, then when its deployed you have an officer with a bright orange deterant, video evidence of the person being a dick, forensics of paint (or smartwater) on clothings and streaming eyes of protester stoping them lobbing bricks and being cunty
  10. "being cunty"

    I like that.I shall use it as my favorite expression this week.Thank you.
  11. Good idea but I think a quick dose of NPV would work quicker and (allegedly) doesn't require any decontam afterwards*.

    *Well that's what they always told us :)
  12. Tear gas (or more appropriately CS) does have secondary classifications of toxic and corrosive, so would imagine someone will be crying (see what I did there?) that their 'uman rights have been breached.
  13. Cleverness spotted
  14. The French CRS already use water canons with dye and irritant. The problem is it's not just troublemaking rioters that attend rioters.
  15. which is why I suggest the paintball method, treat it as a live firearms where the officer must account for every shot fired, if there video mounted (pistol cam on a rail) it can be used as evidence and justifcation for each round