Using Skype in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SilverBullet, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    A quick question... Am due to be in LKG later this year and was wondering if it would be possible to use Skype over the wireless Internet network?

    I'm no expert but i'd say the bandwidth requirements for voice-only Skype calls wouldn't be that large.

    Any ideas?

  2. Not been there for a little while but I would say ...NO. Bandwidth is a premium but there are plenty of PC's and Phones provided by Paradigm and if you need more talk time you can buy it for a cheap price.

    You can also ring home using your Paradigm account card via the RED or BLACK telephone networks. (If you have access to a phone that does not have to be left open for inbound calls)
  3. Fella, there are plenty of welfare means for speaking to your mates in the UK etc. Skype is wide open for others to abuse or monitor what you send or say. If you arent sure - speak to your yos / fos... :roll:
  4. As far as I am aware skype is a pretty secure system with 256 bit encryption on all calls. Can you back up your security concerns?
  5. Not sure of the ins and outs but i was under the impression that Skype was simply encrypted to people without Skype software. It is a very basic form of encryption and if you have Skype software all communications are clear. I very much doubt they are using the same level of encryption as we are.
  6. I have friends who use this. It would depend on where you are more then anything. Bandwidth is at a premium in most places but if you're lucky......
  7. Funnily enough we were talking about this today. We are due to deploy to BASTION next month and was wondering if you can use it out there. Some say you can, some say you cant.
  8. I dunno about Skype in Af, but it worked (patchily) in Iran when Yahoo messenger had real probs and kept dropping out this year. I think the text bandwidth footprint of Skype is quite small. But video didnt work very often from where I was.
  9. There are rumours amongst security experts that the NSA have offered billions of dollars to anyone who can provide the source code and encryption for Skype! If true then it's very secure.
  10. Was this on a military jaunt? A secret squirrel one? :)

  11. Can't quite believe that. Skype are currently 'owned' by E- Bay albeit the deal to cut them free from that arrangement is due to complete in a few weeks time.
  12. I could be wrong (I normally am) but i thought it was blocked in most places that have welfare support supplied by the British army.

    This was due to a MOD contract with paradigm which makes it the sole provider for welfare comms out of theatre. Not much money to be made on skype calls!

    If i am right it would be another fine example of the MOD putting the welfare of the armed forces before a business contract.
  13. I find that very hard to believe, especially as Skype can be run from a USB stick without any requirement to install software to the PC.

    I know that in KAF/KBL etc there are individuals using the US internet terminals/wifi as they can use whichever means they want to talk home.

    As far as Bastion is concerned; on their recent tour guys from 7SR were using Facebook (including the chat function) on the wifi network on their own PCs/laptops and that takes far more bandwidth than Skype (text or voice)!

    LKG? Not sure yet, I'll try to find out for you.

    As far as security is concerned Skype is probably the most secure IM/chat system of the popular ones... far more so than MSN/Yahoo etc. 256bit? Not sure. In demand by the NSA? I'm sure if they wanted it they'd 'get' it! (Haven't you seen Antitrust?!)
  14. Every bu88er in KAF is/was using it, and was told by the paradigm engineers it was more secure than the Paradigm stuff anyway!