Using other Arms base gym facilities?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldcolt, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Just a quickie. I'm in the Rifles but work just down the road from a fairly large Navy base. From memory, I seem to recall that we used to be able to use other Arms facilities (Gym etc) and wondered who/ how to go about this if this is still the case as it will save me a fortune on civvy gym (a fortune I just don't have at the moment!) Any help/ advice would be great please. Thanks! :)
  2. Phone up and ask - did it with the RAF base up the road a while back and was allowed in the gym 24-7, only paid £5 for a swipe car and was given a permanent car pass.
  3. I use HMS Temeraire in Portsmouth. Just go in with my MOD90. You're meant to do an induction on a Tues or Thurs but I blagged mine.
  4. Yep, definitely need to phone for permission. Some APTC bods and their RAF/Naval counterparts get a right sad on otherwise.
  5. Thanks guys! Just phoned the base having infiltrated 'RumRation' and got the number and some advice from the boys in blue (note to self, watch out for soap on the floor in the showers!!!! 8O ) Also phoned my local TAC who say that recruits don't get issued their MOD90 until they have passed Catterick (which doesn't make much sense: After all, when do you really need to get fit? Just before going to CIC! :roll: ) However, having made that very point, they may make an exception.
  6. If you don't get issued your MOD90, you can always ask for a chit-in-lieu from your clerk which will work as temporary ID.
  7. I'll give that a go if all else fails. thanks
  8. No harm in asking - I did, and now use my local regular RE gym...
  9. All sorted, signed into my local RN base this morning and have made a note to self not to pick up any soap left on the floor in the showers!!!! 8O
  10. Don't worry - if it's a Naval base with a large quotient of submariners, there won't be any soap in the showers.
  11. Submariners? It's one of Europes largest helicopter bases :roll:
  12. And in any case, from what I hear; submariners are the worst of the lot!!!!
  13. i use the gym in a navy base all the time i believe our psao organised permission