Using Ipad 3G in europe? Possible?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by smudge67er, May 26, 2011.

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  1. I've done a quick google, and had a look at the Apple support pages, and I've found conflicting results.

    Can I take my Ipad to Europe, and use the 3G (O2 pay £10 a month for 3Gig sim card)?

    Or will it not work? Or will it work, and O2 will charge me a fortune? As far as I know I pay a set amount a month, and no more.

  2. If you select data roaming and connect to the local version of O2 you will be bankrupt in minutes. But when you log onto the network for the first time you should get a message telling you about the data charges but as I use a samsung tab this maybe slightly different on an Ipad.
  3. I made that mistake in USA with my iPhone. I only used it a couple of times (online check-in etc). My phone bill the following month was nearly £200! I was a little put out. Hence I thought I'd ask on here before I make the same mistake again.

    However the sim card I have is a pay £10 a month for 3gig. As far as I know they can't bill me more?
  4. theres quite a few where I work get caught out like that. Best so far is about 800 quid for a download of tom tom in Marrocco from a so called navigation expert.Egg sucking time but I just use the free wifi in cafe and bars when I'm away but the best deal at the minute at home is if your a Bt broadband customer you get to use the Bt openzone off the back of your home broadband account for free.

    Yes I'm a comms nerd....
  5. I use O2 and roam in Europe. It costs £3 per MB.
    And if you're out of Europe it'll cost £6 per MB

    ******* rip off
  6. Apparently, EU regulation says that mobile providers must text message you when in another country to tell you when you reach certain levels of expenditure. The iPad can't receive text messages so until the law is adapted, you can't use overseas data roaming on any UK network. iPad 2s are also locked to network so you can't even swap sims. Awesome!
  7. If you are off to just one country, you could buy a prepaid unlimited sim card for a limited use. It usually works out well, as even in highly developed countries there isn't a free WLan hotspot all over the place. They are available in most countries. Make sure your iPad isn't simlocked by your provider...

    Your 3GB 10£ deal is not valid outside the UK I bet.
  8. I know a bloke who went to Paris with his shiny new HD laptop and dongle. Sat there watching HD TV all week and then got a bill for £20K+ on his return.Treat yourself.
  9. That "bloke" is a total bell end then.
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  10. Not really, it was a work laptop and he was leaving anyway.
  11. Acrimoniously, I take it?
  12. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Wont work unless you get a local sim card.

    DeltaDogs post is bang on.

    It will work with a local Pay and go sim so long as you select a data option on the tariff.

    Wifi will still work obviously
  13. I use my iPad all around Europe, US and middle east. All I do is buy a local payg data sim, plug it in and it works fine.
  14. Well, I took it abroad, and only used the wifi. Didn't even turn roaming on. Though I did speak to some Joe Daki on the O2 helpline before I went, and they said it would work abroad, but would cost x per meg (quite a lot)
  15. Alsacien

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