Using Gifs as Avatar/Signature

OK, having seen amusing gif type images in peoples signature and or avatar, I have tried to follow suit. A couple of efforts seem not to appear. I have tried to keep the size down - but compared to some peoples example, I can't see how some of mine are bigger in size - I wonder if they are using a different format?

The only way I know to shrink the existing images is stretch/skew on paint, and that seems to lose the animation.

So, any clues what I am doing wrong?


You'll need a graphics package that can handle the animation element to change the size. Assuming you don't have access to Adobe ImageReady, part of Photoshop, then the advice here seems to be to use the Gimp offshoot Gimpshop. I haven't tried it, but using the Gimp itself would be tricky for a newcomer and it sounds like Gimpshop is a lot easier.

Sorry that you're finding the signature limits frustrating, but it's much better for everyone if we don't have mammoth signatures.
Dear CO

Thank you for the speedy reply - I hope you are somewhere other than the UK to be answering at 0516! I will try said advice. For the record, I totally understand the need to minimise the content - its just that with an ever increasing array of recoiling glocks, frustrated kangaroos, jiggling norks and finally Darth Vader mouth-raping Princess Leia, I simply want to jump on the band wagon.

pip pip,



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Yeah, that's right Princess Leia, take it like the bitch that you are.

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