Using ELCs for distance learning

As i have more spare time on my hands rather than looking at Camel toes and Birds norks on here I think its time I pulled my finger out and done a bit of worthwhile training.

As i currently work in sandy places I'll need to be via distance learning. Does anyone on here know of any companies that offer it utilising ELCS? I am interested in doing a spot of PM work (possibly Prince2) and elf and safety (IOSH, NEBOSH) etc.

Its either this or go blind pulling the end off it.
Go and talk to your local Education Centre. The IERO there will have lots of good advice and will tell you how to go about applying etc.
Thanks for your input however, I'm no longer serving and I'm working in Afghanistan. I would pop into the Education Centre in Bastion but I'm only there on very very rare occasions. I wonder if the CTP regional resettlement advisor would be worth an email.
Just completed an ELC package with PIP ( found their style and learner support very good and gave a wide range of quals. Didn't do distance learning but they do offer it for various H&S courses inc NEBOSH. Would imagine lot of self discipline required for NEBOSH distance learning. Have a look, awaiting Exam results so cannot guarantee pass but that would be down to me not RTFQ and not the training. Happy to answer any questions on it.

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