Using Captain Woodall VC to attack the RGJ !!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rrfnhagman, Apr 20, 2010.

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    This article in the Salford Advertiser about Captain Woodall VC and Michael Leavy a 74 year old from Belfast really pixxed me off. Leavy, used the article to openly attack the RGJ by stating that despite his requests they had refused to honour Capt Woodall. Quote direct from the Article:

    “Now one of those campaigners is pleading for people from his home city to help pay towards the £1,000 it has cost to get the memorial stone. Michael Leavy, 74, from Belfast, was instrumental in helping to raise the money, because he was shocked there was no recognition of Joseph Woodall's achievements. Mr Leavy said: "I had been doing research into Victoria Cross winners and became interested in Joseph Woodall's story because he was a soldier in the Rifle Brigade, which is the regiment in which I did my National Service. "I asked the Rifle Brigade Association, of which I am a member, to pay for the memorial but they didn't even reply to my letters so a group of us got together to do their job for them. "I was disgusted at their attitude and ashamed at the same time. It's particularly galling because Joseph Woodall's medals are on display in the Royal Green Jackets Museum in Winchester - the Rifle Brigade merged with other regiments into the Royal Green Jackets 40 years ago, and now they are called The Rifles. "It's clear they are proud of him - just not proud enough to pay for a headstone. "That's why I am throwing out an appeal to the Salford public. Perhaps they can do what the Army didn't have the decency to do."

    Leavy was definitely “bigging” it in his interview. Other accounts of the event lists the groups and individuals who raised the money for the memorial, notably Leavy is not amongst them, never mind being "instrumental". ( )

    At the time of his allegations the descendants of the RGJ, The Rifles, were warfighting in Helmand, suffering heavy losses in the process. RHQ Staff and many others were engaged in repatriation ceremonies, Funerals, looking after the wounded,their families and the NOK of our KIA. They were also busy fund-raising for The Rifleman's Aid in order to provide for them in years to come. ( ) Their selfless and critical work means nothing to Leavy, as his public and unwarranted attack on them at a very painful time shows. His only concern was self publicity over a Marble slab, not a jot of compassion for the present generation of Riflemen or those caring for them. In spite of his claim to be a Rifle Brigade member, his interview with the Salford Advertiser shows that he has little of the core values set out by Sir John Moore long ago. He is not a man I would want fighting alongside me.

    Rfn Hagman

    “If ever I list for a soldier again Devil shall be me sergeant”
  2. msr

    msr LE

    He seems to be having a pop at the Rifle Brigade Association....

    Keep calm and carry on.

  3. Rest in Peace to Captain Woodall VC. Long may his memory live but money isn't easy to come by these days and what there is should be spent on Soldiers and ex Soldiers who are still here and to sort out the needs of the recently bereaved. Money for memorials can be found by looking to family, friends, colleagues and any other interested parties who may wish to donate to the memory of this brave Soldier, but a Soldier who has no need of money now from Regimental funds.
  4. At the time of his allegations the descendants of the RGJ, The Rifles, were warfighting in Helmand, suffering heavy losses in the process.

    So the preceding 90 years wasn't enough time?
  5. Well, the man got his deserved memorial, RIP. Objective achieved. No point in getting worked up over who claims credit.
  6. Best is for this guy to shut up. "Stand fast in the Ranks".
  7. Ahem, read the newspaper article properly. Capt. Woodall's body was in an UNMARKED grave in the Irish Republic until this guy located it. The whinge is about the alleged failure of the Rifle Brigade Association to fund a headstone. Frankly, knowing the Green Jackets (and their fierce pride in their extensive collection VC's!) as I do, I'm not inclined to swallow this at face value at all. Sounds like some old gobshite looking for something to whinge about and get his boat-race in the local rag.
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    You've got to hand it to this bloke. As far as outrage about the RGJ goes, he's got it in spades. ;)
  9. The reason the grave was unmarked was that the plot belonged to a friends family (the neighbour who found him dying) - they were happy to use the plot, but as it was a family plot they (for whatever reason) only wanted family names on the headstone, and were unwilling to have a gravestone over the grave. Possibly they were also afraid that the local numbnuts might view it as a target for "Up the 'RA" type desecration.

    The actual memorial is in another part of the cemetery, not over the grave. Precedent for it, of the "Buried somewhere in this cemetery" type stones in the CWGC.
  10. Serve the Rifle Brigade right, they encourage their toms to be outspoken and use their initiative...then one of them...erm...does.
  11. I should not be too concerned about the Salford Advertiser, I doubt half its readers saw the article, and the other reader may well see the above as reasonable?
  12. Oh look, a fisherman.