Using 'Captain' after retirement

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pebbles015, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. PS

    Good drills shagging a bird nearly half his age but FFS, not sure which one to ride and which one to let ride me:

  2. This guy has been getting away with it for years... WALT!!!!
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  3. It smacks of utter twittery and social snobbery that is risible. Plus he's a fucking chump full stop.
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  4. That explains that then.

    Anyway, bird....minging or fuckable (I'd do her even though she's borderline munter)
  5. I remember being told that the bold Captain was always referred to as "Fog" by his underlings. Fog, thick and wet.
  6. Deleted
  7. A bit like this bloke here:

  8. Good chap
  9. After WW2,the Chief Executive of Smiths (the clock,watch,and instrument makers),by the surname of Hurn,took up his old post in the HQ,at Cricklewood.

    He spent a week,going around and meeting all his old board members,he noticed a number of nameplates on office doors,bearing the occupants former rank in the Armed Forces,all were Officers.

    Pissed off with this affectation,he commisioned the company signwriter,to paint his door nameplate,and have it fixed on his office door over the weekend,and on the Monday morning,there it was for all to see,it read "R.Hurn SSgt Int Corps (Retd)"!

    Within 5 days all nameplates,only had name,and title within the company,class! ;-)
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  10. How to address a Retired Army Officer - Forms of Address by Profession, Army Ranks

    Am I missing something here? In approx two decades of service I have never had my rank put on my postal correspondance and it always got through to me.

    Numpties who can't 'let go' of the fact they were once an officer and are now civvies keep their rank and put (Retd) on their names. We always referred to them as Major (Retarded) or similar.

    If they are worthy of respect, they'll get it. Regardless if they were an ex anything from Pte to General.
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  11. Bit like his 1st missus really!
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  12. My Dad had two retired Majors and a Colonel as regulars in his pub.The Colonel would only ever answer to Colonel.
  13. I know two retired colonels, both would give you a slap for addressing them as Col, especially in the pub.