Using Burpees for Cardio Conditioning?

I have been "cross training" using burpees now and again. I do descending sets from 10, then go a 1 mile jog, then another lot of descending sets from 10, then a half mile jog.

Doing this in an attempt to strengthen my legs and I figured it was kind of like interval training.. which I am trying to do to get a higher bleep test score.

Does this sound like a waste of time? I mean I feel pretty knackered during the sets but could I be cross training in another more effective way?

Have you tried "crossfit"? have a look at the their website. They have something called the workout of the day and they are supposed to supplement your usual training. I base most of my fitness training round this and it is very effective. A lot of their routines contain burpees.
Cheers for the link. Checked it out looks cool... circuits with a set of 30 pull ups per round! :O

Got a long way to go before I can do that lol.

have a look at their pull ups though! They call them "Kipping pull ups". Basically your chucking your body up towards the bar rather than pulling it up, you wouldnt get away with them with a PTI! I still do normal pull ups and chins when I do their workouts. Not quite up to 30 myself either! Got 23 a week or so ago which was a PB.

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