Using american facilities at UK bases

Lets say I was passing by RAF Fairford or West Ruislip, where there are american PXs

Would I be able to use these facilities? Or are they restricted to US personnel.

I just fancy some american crap occasionally.
No you cannot use them because they are UK tax free. You can use the ones in Germany though as you are not eligable to pay UK taxes on products.
Best thing to do would be ask them.

Some places are barred to you, such as the commisary, even in BFG. But we used to use facilities in Yorkshire all the time.
It depends on how you approach it. Walk in as though you you have every right to be there, smile and be nice to the US wife on the till and you should be ok. How many check-out girls give a crap about their employers admittance policy?Ask the manager a bone question like "am I allowed to shop here?" will get you effed off at the high port.

Good luck. Just dont wander around going "holy cr@p, look at the fat arse on that mamma over there!". And dont buy all the ribs; leave some for me for my BBQ next week.

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