Using a cross-trainer whilst healing from Stress Fracture

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by alfred_the_great, Dec 3, 2011.

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  1. All, I've managed to give myself a stress fracture, and will be off running until Feb. Rowing bores the tears off me, and I don't want to get a road-bike at this time of year. So I've admitted to myself I will have to join the lycra-clad wrens on the cross trainers in an attempt to keep my CV up.

    Has anyone used these 'properly' before? What's the equivalent (in terms of effort) of a 6 min mile, or 800m reps. All I've seen is people trying to walk backwards on them!
  2. Don't you think using a cross trainer will cause more injury ? What did the medics say ?
    Maybe this would be a good time to take up swimming.
  3. Non-impact, cross trainer ok, lack of swimming pools at sea (ironically!).
  4. I suppose "wrens" was a give away.
    Cross train it is then, or do loads of weights.
  5. I use one (due to my buggered up knees) and an hours workout keeping the pulse at 130-140 burns off about 1000 calories, and is about 5 miles or so in distance according to the readout. Dunno if that helps you or not.
  6. Stuff like that is great. I suspect it's going to be based on PE/time rather than distance.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I've used one for cross country ski training for about 8 years. My gym has Lifefitness 95xi machines, which are excellent.
    The program I use is normally is for 5km cross country race training: Random, level 15, 30mins/5kms. Calorie burn is around 600, pulse is 150-170 range.
    I equate that to 7 min miles over hilly terrain, of course changing the program from random to something consistent would take out the "hills". I run 6 min miles on the flat.
    I started using it after a back injury, the non-impact aspect is not to be underrated. Looking at the scenic lycra on the running machines in front is a bonus.....
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  8. I found those stepper machines quite good when I was recovering from stress fractures, though they do make you look like a bit of a bellend
  9. Cross trainers are low impact. Meaning they don't put much strain on your ligaments. So it's all good.