Using a BFG car in UK

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by helmik, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Mornin all, first post, be gentle!!

    My eldest is in Gutersloh and he bought himself a new car in August 2008, and unsurprisingly he has discovered he cant afford it. To try and help him out i have offered to "buy" it off him, no cash will change hands, i will take over the payments and it will become my car in August this year.

    Now, a couple of questions, can i use it in the UK on BFG plates?
    He tells me it was BFG'd but he has never had the headlights changed so i dont see how that can be right?
    When he transfers the paperwork into my name and de-registers it does he need to have the car in Germany with him or is it just a paperwork exercise?
    Is this legal??

    These questions and many others have been generated due to him being a 20 year old with no common sense!!!

    Cheers afor any help, advice or assistance anyone can offer,

  2. Not sure what the rules are with keeping the car for a period of time before he can sell it or export it back to UK.

    However you would have to go to a local DVLA office with the BFG docs and the pink registration document to get the car registered in UK again. He would then have to post\return the BFG docs and plates to the central BFG office in Germany or his local BFG office. I can't remember if new cars require the BFG light test? or was the car delivered with continental headlights?

    To my knowledge you cannott keep a car in UK on BFG plates for an extended period of time. Usually enough time to get it re-registered in UK (a 2 week grace period I think)

    This was the procedure I went through when I last left BFG 3 years ago so it may have changed now.
  3. Mick the answer to your first question is no, once you've got the car registered in UK the plates must be returned to the BFG Registration Office, as they own them! He could have still got the car BFG'd but would have to have had a lighting check before he could purchase petrol coupons, clearly then he was just buying petrol with cash! I've been out of Germany for nearly two years and I'm sure there are a few forms he should have obtained before the car was returned to UK, but I could be wrong! No doubt somebody who is out there will confirm.
  4. Cheers for the help all.

    The car came back to the UK in December/January and has since sat in the garage, due to other financial problems he cant afford to pay for it and insure it!! I have insured it in my name just in case it gets pinched, and i have used it a few times in the UK.
    It will be one year old in August this year, my understanding is that he can then un BFG it and sell it, is that right?
    Can i legally drive it in the UK? I know the BFG number wont appear on DVLA database or insurance datbases so i am concerned about being stopped.
    Im trying to sort his finances but realistically he wont be in a position to keep the car, if we un BFG it now will there be a nice tax bill as its less than the 12 months i have read about on here?


  5. Not sure about this. For the car to be BFG'd he requires to show proof of insurance, if I remember the insurance has to be in his name? With regards to driving it I would be very carefull. Can't remember if the BFG reg details are also now held by DVLA? if not there is a reference to BFG and the police can follow that route. If an accident occurs BFG could ask why the insurance is no longer in his name!

    I sold a car in BFG totally pucker (sent the required part of reg doc to DVLA and transferred BFG to him) to another squaddie however he did not return the reg doc to DVLA to register in his name or complete the BFG stuff. Luckily I kept a copy of his name and address which I promptly gave to the RMP who knocked on my door at 3am one morning asking why my car had been involved in a serious incident in Scotland that evening! Wouldn't mind but I've never been to Scotland! Needless to say the reg was traced to BFG and me by Civ police & RMP.
  6. OK, the car was insured in his name when he first got it, then when he got into money troubles he decided to bring it home to the UK and park it up. The insurance has since expired, i think, is that going to be a problem??
    Looking at the BFG rules on the net and the DVLA site it looks like it can be used in the UK, which is the biggest question i need to answer, but i dont know how long for. It was originally bought in Aug, then used in Germany until December which i think complies with DVLA rules.
    We could un BFG it now but that will then cost the tax wont it?

  7. If the car has been back in UK since Jan, I think you may have bigger probs from the 'tax-free' bit.

    Seem to recall there was a case where a couple had spent a lot of time back in UK due to daughtes illness, and the Taxman tried to do them for not having the 'ftax free' car outside the country long enough. Don't forgat all VRN's are registered as you enter and leave the port. You may be bettre paying for his insurance and letting him take it back to Gutersloh until the 'time' is up. Then he can ship it to the UK, sell it to you and then you register it.
  8. This was one of my concerns. Why cant kids get the facts before they do stuff!! He was asked to check out the legal side before he put it in the garage, little git!!

    Anyway, i think im getting an idea of how to proceed with this.

    Cheers and thanks for all the help so far,

  9. You might find these useful:-

    And anything else:-


  10. helmik,

    Slap your kid.

    then send the car back. Soonest.

    By all means pay for the car, and the insurance, but it should go back to BFG prior to its one year. He can "sell" it to you once he has followed the correct procedure to bring it back to UK and registered it.

    You need to find out if he has actually had a lights check... if not, then you may be in to a whole world of hurt.

    Basically the only way you should be looking at this is your son keeping the car for the year, and then the swap over occuring once he has
    1. applied for a C&I form to import the car.
    2. applied for a de-reg from the BFG.
    3. Insured and registered the car in the UK.

    You, as a non BFG person, are NOT allowed to drive the car. I don't think the insurance will pay out either if you crash (even if in your name, and what not) as you don't have a BFG licence... thus no permission to drive a BFG car.

    Go back to your son and ask some pointed questions about the car.

    ie has it been lights checked.

    By all means PM me with details, I have a few freinds who are all over this BFG stuff.
  11. Not quite right-a BFG driving permit does not give permission to drive the car, it allows the holder to drive legally under the BFG system in Germany. In order for a non-entitled person to drive a BFG vehicle in Germany, permission has to be sought. I think (and may be wrong) that the car can be driven by anyone in UK with the correct insurance (their own). However, I think to insure a car in your own name, you have to own it.

    If your son has cancelled his insurance, chances are it will have flagged up on the BFG VLO computer and questions will be asked. Cancelled insurance can automatically de-register the car and open a world of pain with your son's unit.

    Best advice is to help him with his insurance and finance but return the car to Germany until the 12 months is up. Any other route is liable to get him banned from BFG car facilities for 5 years and landed with a hefty tax bill.

    Oh, and he must have a lights check to remain legal!
  12. * Only those persons who hold a BFG Driving Permit (BFG Form 57) are entitled to drive BFG registered vehicles.
    * Owners who hold a national or international licence, valid in Germany, may drive their vehicle for 30 days on their arrival in BFG. During this time they are to obtain the BFG Driving Permit and register their vehicle with BFG VLO.
    * Sponsored visitors visiting BFG personnel on holiday may also drive the car for up to 28 days provided they hold a valid driving licence.
  13. All, once again my thanks for all your assistance. I am in the process of working my way through all of this, just awaiting a phone call from junior to discuss things further.
    Its left me more than a bit worried, i hadnt realised that a BFG tax disc is not really valid in the UK, i'm giving serious consideration to biting the bullet and unBFG'ing it, pay the subsequesnt tax bill and sell the car over here to pay off what he owes on it.
    Would that be a smart move do you think??
    If the car stayed here until its a year old in August what are the implications? I think i know the answer but just checking, or clutching at straws!!

    Thanks again and sorry for the gap replying, these buggers in civvy street expect you to go to work sometimes!!

  14. I don't know if it has changed, but you used to be able to take a car back to UK after 6 months and take a 2 year ban on buying another tax free car, which with the lads financial woes doesn't seem to be an issue.

    Personally, and I know that this isn't strictly legal, I'd keep the car in the garage and get it insured in Germany and take the pain. Then I'd get the forms sorted to apply to bring it back to UK. You don't actually have to have the car present at the Tax Office when you import it ( they say you do but I have never heard of anyone having the car inpsected - the staff are just far too busy).

    I'd also give the lad a slap.
  15. slap your lad, then ring your lads unit bfg office up for advice.
    i bought a car whilst over there and came back to the uk after 8months, de bfg'd it and registered it here. never got a tax bill, ban from getting another due to not selling it before the 12months up.
    a mate bought a car in cyprus, took it bfg then back to uk, before the 12months was up sold it. got a ban from buying a tax free car. arrsed? nah out the army now.