Uses for Squaddies Dead or Alive

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Don_Beeay, Dec 10, 2002.

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  1. Sand bags to prevent flood water caused by their attempts at fire fighting washing away local homes.

    Target practice for USAF Pilots.

    Pull throughs for politicians.

    Any other suggestions welcome ;D :p ;D
  2. nice of you to join us Andy.

    Now, are your lot going on strike again or not?
  3. Sssssh. Careless talk costs lives.  Mum's the word.  I could tell you but then, as a former member of the lean green killing machine, I would have to kill you.
  4. Lean green killing machine, you in the Corps of runner beans then. BUTTHOLE

    Your just a workshy turncoat

    Hope you die in agony on Christmas day,
  5. "Workshy turncoat".  Good god man and damn your eyes.  I demand satisfaction.  Name your champion.  And I don't mean your horse faced [and arsed] wife you bounder.
  6. Bare fists will do you jelly spined backslider.

    Your wife says, suppose youve drunk the leccy money ;D
  7. Bring it on dough boy.  As a former Golden Gloves North West Area Amateur Boxing Champion ahm gonna wup yo ass bitch.
  8. While I have an ounce of strength youll go nowhere near my bottom, fagboy
  9. Then stop contradicting yourself then you halfwit
  10. Nice one Eagle

    Picture Should perhaps be titled

    Firefighters child in fear of Daddy at bedtime ;D ;D
  12. Alternate title:?

    "Child of slacking FF prays for daddy to return
    so the brigade of guards will stop Qing outside mummys door"

    ??? ::) ;D :(