Uses for Hamid Kharzai

Well, I realise this is a difficult one, as the subject has already been used more often than an Albanian gypsy's daughter and needs a security blanket around his manly shoulders wherever he goes ( Although Trinnie told me that greeny, cheese-colour is out of fashion in Kabul), what would you really do with a worthless bearded cnut who banks more in a year than the whole British Army ? I would suggest a private jet, courtesy of H4H. We will call it a mystery tour....
We could put him in charge of a war ravaged, starving, third world nation; peopled by thick, murderous backstabbing bastards...that would learn 'em!
No one is completely useless, he can always serve as a bad example, and Karzai is very good bad example.
When I said ATC, I didn't mean air traffic control, I meant tideponds, where they grow baby Crabs, who could control an aircraft, well, about as well as a grown-up crab


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Tester at Porton Down?
I would possibly put him to use in his natural profession. Bearing in mind Arabs are named after their family's mode of earning, he would be a Khazi cleaner.
Hat Model.

I mean just look at it. With winter approaching I'd love a little head warmer like that. Could make a handy additional storage space as well. Looks like there's enough room under there for a bag of haribo
I think a bit of red will show up those other colours to better effect, and before long I expect it will. Such is the game of goatfaced 'politics'.
Couldn't we use him as a counterweight in the nose-cone of the new JSF until the radar turns up?

Concrete costs money you know.

Alternatively, how about as a chock to stop the JSF trundling away unexpectedly until the Septics relent and give us the top-secret codes to the handbrake?

Or there's always room for another gnome beside my pond.
Maybe use him as a Patrol Base lucky mascot. Give his head a quick monkey scrub before venturing out the gate.

Failing that, a weather vane. A big huge cock for all to see and take a pot-shot at.
Toilet attendant in a gaybar in Rotterdam....nah, wait a mo, I think that's what he was doing before the septics gave him a career-change.....


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His skull- with the Taliban/AQ partnership classic of putting one's genetalia in their mouth - will be used by whichever Mullah takes prominance next for a nice table ornament/paperweight/ashtray.

After all, they didn't hang around when it came to deposing Najibullah, did they?

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