Uses for drain sludge

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by puzzledgrunt, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. You know, the pubes-based matter that collects in your shower drain because you can't be bothered to clean it out.

    It would float nicely on top of the boss's coffee, I suspect... :twisted:
  2. you could use it to start a pointles thread like this?
  3. How long til' the hole? Taking all bets, I'm taking all bets...
  4. 5-4-3-2----
  5. I dunno, you could use it to form a better government than the one we've currently got.
  6. holes in the wall filler pre march out...
  7. Sssh...where do you think we got this mob from?
  8. There's the problem - he'd spot it straight off.

    Stick to p1ss, spunkage or that old favourite a fortnights' worth of exercise smeg wiped around the rim of his favourite SAS mug.

    Bugger, have I breached persec again?
  9. Oh, I once carried out a deep clean of a school shower block. We removed something like two pounds in weight of human fat/skin etc from the filter on the cleaning doo-dad. Brrrrgh! Obviously eventually we got bored with it and threw it I can't really help.
  10. Dyed to an appropriate colour, it can be used for patch repairs on your beret. It just irons on.

    What do you think wonderweb is made of? The secret is out.
  11. Dip in chocolate, allow to dry, pop into a pretty petit four case and dish out as gifts to your annoying relatives at Christmas.

    Lovely Jubbly! :wink:
  12. how about a nice centre peice for the Christmas table

  13. That is truly beautiful.
    What a good idea!

    Do you think a naked flame might be a bit dangerous near all that hair though? Just a thought.