Username & Avatar Amnesty

This has probably been done before but with arrse's ever-expanding ranks I reckon it's worth doing.
Me first then...
Cannonpig - nickname for Artillery gun crew member.
Avatar - N Bty (The Eagle Troop) RA Badge, where I spent 7 years.
Location: Plagiarised from "Salome Maloney" by John Cooper Clarke.
Signature: From an article in "Sounds" magazine, a long time ago.
Fairly straightforward, mine, but there's a lot of obscure names/avatars out there - let's 'ave 'em!
Military Skills Instructor 64= 64 Pet Sqn My First Germany posting
Avatar is Col Klink from Hogan's Heroes. In joke from Ex Combined Endeavor (sic) 2004. Guru, because I was known as a Ptarmigan Guru, which isn't much to crow about.
Plant-pilot I'm a plant operator and an M3 pilot, wow that was amazingly straight forward :wink:

My Avtar? A stylized M3 in desert colours, complete with smiley crew :D

All kinda sad when it's written down isn't it? :oops:
Speedy - My nickname from before I joined the army and was latched onto in training after a civvy friend of mine addressed it to 2479**** JDVR Speedy. The name stuck like glue ever since.
Avatar - Tank transporter trade badge due to my being a tank transporter in my green existance.
osacin - Oldest Senior Air Craftsman In Nato

transferred to RAF from Army at aged 31 so that was my handle - soon got the last laught asout accelerated them all in the promotion sweepstake

avatar is a standard one - havent found a suitable one yet
Can anyone tell me how to shrink my pics to make an avatar am total IT biff so please make it simple
Watchdog - CF Arms indicator for Military Police
Avatar - just thought it looked neat
Username - Forward Repair Team - Formerley attached to Bde Signal Sqns in NI to maintain & repair secure voice & data ccts. No longer there :cry:
Avatar - Nice little Monkey!

Sweatysock - Slang name for a Scotsman. :roll:

Avatar - Kermit banging a teddy. :lol:
msr: because the A34 which links my house in Manchester to my Dad's place in Berkshire is an MSR.

Avatar from this picture, which is a Royal Engineers Officers' Mess. I'd like to think of a Telegraph Company ;)


Birdie_Numnums; well when you have a family name of Numnums it doesn't matter what your parents name you. Does it? BARSTEWARDS.

Avatar is a shameless picture of my mother.

For real answer see the movie The Party with Peter Sellers.
BTW My avatar is an archeopterix
Username: The mister plays with big oily metal things/I'm his mail-order bride from America, of course.

(Trivia: Alliterative name inspired by ARRSE user "sappersslapper.")

Avatar: I frequently feel like a plushy bunny puppet with the world's hand up my butt. Doesn't everybody, once in a while? :D

Sig block: Changes periodically...lately it's Joke of the Week.
Name: A combination of my 2 greatest loves - Star Wars (and Darth Vader in particular) and ADP Land Operations...which actually features some of my exploits.

Avatar: The crest of the Intermediate Command and Staff Course (LAND) or ICSC(L), of which I am a member.

Plant Pilot is right - looks really sad when written down and explained. ;)


Book Reviewer
User name because I fancied being named after a Welsh band (for some reason) but 'ManicStreetPreacher' and 'SuperFurryAnimal' were taken.

Avatar is Erzherzog Karl von Österreich, the first commander to beat Napoleon on the continent at the battle of Aspern-Essling.

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