Userbars for Charity

I've started mucking about with these silly Userbar things that the Geeks normally have telling everyone on anouncing that they're a 5* General on Tomb-Death-Killer-Transformer-Raider on Duty 5. :roll:

However for a small charity donation to H4H or indeed ARRSE I can knock up a Userbar of your choice, similar to mine below.

I'm no IT nerd or expert but they're fairly easy but are dependant on Graphics publically available, yadda yadda.

You can have personalized wording and backgrounds, and withing reason most capbadges/graphics can scroll. You can also have them as buttons to other websites etc.

Please PM me if you've interested.
Donations are on a trust basis and should be obvioulsy generous beyond belief. :D

I would need a description of any badges, background colours and specific wording. I will do a few and see how it goes from there.
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