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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by ChickenHeart, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. This might have been covered before, but here say I:

    On our profile pages all of our last 10 posts come up as our first 10, in terms of viewing profile; why is this??

    It's irritating and pish poor Army standards - sort it out!

  2. On your profile pages it shows the your last ten topics... not your last ten posts. On the 'all posts' page it has them ordered date descending (today - backwards).

    Hope that helps and makes it no longer irritating or appear to be a 'pish poor army' standard.
  3. Bugger posted twice :cry:
  4. So
    if you go to the end of the said posters postings, how come there are pages with nothing on them? She said carefully..... :wink:
    This also applies to the threads in the NAAFI :? Or did they shuffle off this mortal coil by themselves, eh eh,? say no more 8)
  5. If posts get deleted they confuse the penguins which run arrse behind the scenes, each time you post a penguin is forced to take your post and deliver onto the page. you bully penguins lippy.
  6. I don't bully them MC, I just dont know them as intimately as you do ....
  7. Manchestercop is bored and editing posts willy nilly :lol:
    fnar fnar :roll:
  8. Lippy you know them so well your face has scared them into posting your last twice! :p
  9. spooky
    you seem to have a dose of moderators syndrome. you can get cream for additions. Or was that addictions ? :wink: