User comparisons needed please.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ratty22, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. Evenin' Chaps, Chapettes

    Could do with the benefit of users' experience, if you'd be so kind. Tried basic Seal Skins with the supposed thermal
    inners, but they're still fertlin cold on stag. So:

    1. Would anyone who's used Seal Skin Winter Gloves a) offer an opinion of them : warmth, windproofedness,
    waterproofedness, and ideally compare them with b) RAB Latok Ice Gauntlets.

    2. Same question comparing Snugpak softies with Buffalos.

    I'll watch and wait.
    Old Rat
  2. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    I found sealskin gloves to be very poor indeed, kept my hands colder than if I had none on at all, I ended up buying some Mamut skiing gloves which are the nuts if not a little expensive.
  3. I found seal skinsto be good in the waterproof side of things but my hands were always Fuckin Baltic in them, got a cheap pair of magic gloves in tescos an they do the job for me in the uk colder temps and I use a pair of mourno or some thing like that wool one that do the job.

    Interested in the softie buffalo comparison though was thinking o getting on as my issue softie is about to fall apart.
  4. Now i've got a very old buffalo and a softie. I find the softie warmer but the buffalo better for working in if you know what i mean !
  5. Own old Buffalo & Softie,

    In my old unit days for ex's Softie good all rounder,

    Buffalo is great for adv trg etc IMO

    I use sealskins ultragrip, as already been stated good waterproof & windproof purposes but not as warm but depends what you need them for
  6. Used both not really much to choose from.Both keep you warm and dry quickly.Softie packs up a bit smaller buffalo lasts a bit longer
    and also has that idea you can just wear that and ventilate with the zips (anyone ever tried that?)Stick either in your daysac and you will be happy.
  7. Had both Softie and Buffalo, I found not much in them for warmth as already stated. I think it is just down to what you feel more comfy in. If I had to go out and buy a knew one I would have a job on my hands to decide.
  8. That's where I am at the minute I dont know what to get as I need a new warm jacket as my much loved softie is fucked.

    As for practicality the buffalo does seem more practical but the softie does pack down small.
  9. Have a couple of old Buffalo shirts.Found them to be warm,made of Pertex not waterproof thou.When I bought mine they were 49UKP a shirt,would not pay what they want for them now thou.I aalso had a Buffalo parka,again warm but not waterproof.
  10. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    I had a softie and now have a Montane Extreme smock (basically a Buffalo). I really like the Montane, it seems warmer than the softie (and will keep you warm when wet - they're popular with kayakers).

    The Montane comes with a hood which will cost you about £15 with the Buffalo.

    I have just worn the Montane on its own, no t-shirt. It's perfectly comfortable. The ventilation zips are good, though it looks a bit weird if you don't have a t-shirt on and you've got the zips open!

    Edited to add that RVOps seem to have the best price around for the Montane - Montane Extreme Smock Montane Extreme Jacket [MEXJ] - £76.58 : RVOps, Military Boots, Clothing and Equipment

    Probably why they're out of stock!
  11. As far as jackets it all depends if your static for long periods. I use my trusted RAB jacket, which are expensive. If you have a budget then i would choose Buffalo over softie and day
  12. I found the sealskins gloves OK at best.... Not warm but were of course water proof.... They don't like dirt, not very hard wearing, and never get the wife to tumble dry them as the inner liner melts!!!!

    As for the Softie vs Buffalo debate.... Never had a softie but had a Buffalo shirt and an issue softie and still use both. I find the Buffalo the best for warmth and if "active" as the pile wicks better BUT did use the issue softie on the ranges recently and it was great (and free!)
  13. I have the issue softie like an it needs replaced but I'm but sure if I can get it replaced through the system (TA) at the minute as I'm not deployed currently. Which is why I was considering the buffalo.
  14. + 1 on the Montane Extreme Smock

    I got mine from this lot Clothing - Montane Extreme Smock - FOB-UK, military boots, plce, gps systems, webbing and if you're in a BFPO location that gets VAT off it's obviously a better deal.

    Snugpak jackets you can pick up for under £30 on ebay.
    So you can then have both for the same price as a Buffalo.

    If cost is an issue you can pick up second hand Buffalo Shirt for £40- £50 on ebay

    Softie will defo pack down smaller, Montane I would say was more windproof. Softie would be less restrictive on movement that montane/ buffalo as they are snug fitting.

    I suppose it depends on how/where you are going to use it. Another option could be buffalo active shirt with a softie. You can get both on EBAY second hand for about £80.
    Buffalo active shirts are very good Buffalo Systems Performance Outdoor Clothing - Active Shirt designed for winter hill-walking, trekking, cross country skiing, climbing and technical climbing
  15. If you wear a small set of woollen gloves underneath the seal skins it does the job - warm and waterproof.

    Ive got a non issue snugpacksoftie jacket and im very happy with it, never considered to replace it with a buffalo.