Useless super hero generator

So far it seems that I am the only person who finds the Useless Super Hero Generator funny, but in an attempt to find a kindred spirit, try this:

Sample output:

Power(s): Incomprehensibility
Source of powers: Supernatural
Weapon: Silver Hatchet
Transportation: Chimp Stationwagon

General Dwarf
Power(s): Super loud voice
Source of powers: Soul sold to Devil
Weapon: Nuclear Rifle
Transportation: Red Bubble

Sink a few pints first.


The wondrous Element Wave (Element-Wave, Elementwave, Wave Element, Wave-Element, Waveelement)
Power(s): Omnipotence, Prehensile tail
Source of powers: Extra-terrestrial chronal mutant
Weapon: Wave Knife
Transportation: Wave Bubble :lol:
You're a Trekkie too aintcha Boss? :roll:
The Fantastic Sky Monkey
Powers= Invisibility
Source of powers= Mutant Cybernetics
Weapon= Monkey Scissors
Transport=Monkey cycle
Woh, coool!