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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gemma_mac, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. hey,

    wondering if anyone knows where i can get one of those heavy duty black storage boxes? a few colleagues at work have said only on ops, but i was hoping i could buy one.

  2. Have you tried the "heavy balck storage box" shop? Very handy!
  3. They are usually only avaible from PX's etc. If you are in Germany give the one in JHQ a call and order one from there. Otherwise, wait til you go on ops, even then they arent that easy to get hold of. You usually only get them on 1033 for the duration of your tour.
  4. Try:

    These are the trunks issued to Aussie Defence Force - they are vey good, tough as old boots, lid seal to waterproof them and a handy tray that holds small items.

    They are not cheap but are very good.

  5. They were knocking em out in the nafwar at the palace, cheap as chips, not 107 proof though.

    I think they've probably shut up shop now though..................................
  6. They're available from the PX at JHQ as Mag-to-grid says, for approx 12 quid.....I buy one every time I'm across there, fill it with US goodies, beer and duty frees and bring it back with me (never exceeding any limits on booze or fags....)
  7. They sure do.....Maybe I'm stupid, but I couldnt find a price on the website...Anyone have any idea how much one would cost?
  8. You want to try this great new website -

    it means if you put in the words 'spacecase' and 'footlocker' you can find a company that shifts them at about £150 each. A wee bit steep for most.
  9. The spacecases are a bit expensive, but they come with my personal reccomendation :)

    They would be ideal for deployments - they are basically individual comfy boxes. I wish I'd had one for my Iraq trips, chuck your laptops, DVD player etc. in there and even if the ship sinks, they'll stay dry - probably...

    I reckon they'd be worth a Gems suggestion for issue to individuals on their 1157 or UNICOM equiv.
  10. Try these fella's, not in english but worth a look.

  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    If all else fails, try .50 ammo boxes or the L2A2 grenade boxes (which come with a natty strap). If you want something bigger, I don't know.