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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by tothepubandbeyond, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Done a search and found nothing, so apologies if this has been done before.

    Been thinking it would be nice to have a thread about programs that you use but may not be common knowledge.

    Starter for ten: C-cleaner. Removes unused files and internet history. Very fast as well, and you would be surprised at how much disk space it frees.

    Spotify. Free music and completly legal. Works by streaming the music to a temporary file with no lagging. Some adverts but these can be avoided by switching to a different track before the end. You can also create playlists and log in to acess them from another computer, and you can run the program from a USB stick.
  2. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Not exactly "little known", but my recommended programs are:

    VLC Media Player, for all your grot needs.

    Daemon Tools, a CD/DVD-ROM emulator that allows you to mount images (such as ones you've downloaded) virtually rather than have to burn them to a disc before you can read them.

    DeepBurner, about the only decent burning software I can find that works on Vista. It's also got a tiny footprint (especially compared to Nero) so uses rock all in the way of system resources.
  3. VLC is widely known.

    Spotify had it's own thread on here a while back.

    Keep 'em coming though. Good cheap software is always a winner.
  4. But free is even better :wink:
  5. Another from me: Shareaza
    Decent Peer to peer client and quite fast too.
    Also:Youtube downloader
    Allows you to download videos straight from youtube, again quite quick.
    And:Before you know it. A free language program ranging from single words to commonly used phrases, with vocals from people who speak the language as their first language, has quite a few different languages to try as well.
  6. You may already have something similar (depending on your version of Windows). or indeed you may not need to turn things into PDF documents. But just in case you do...

    doPDF6.2 free PDF converter

    "doPDF is a free PDF converter for both personal and commercial use. Using doPDF you can create PDF files by selecting the "Print" command from virtually any application. With one click you can convert your Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents or your emails and favorite web sites to PDF files. "
  7. Another one which, in my view is, indispensible although probably it is widely known is Open Office.

    I still have Microsoft Office on my machine but I know people who have dispensed with MS Office and just use this free program for all Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Graphic, Math and Access applications

  8. Excellent yet very small photo editing prog...


    Not a program as such, just a web site for getting videos from You Tube or any other online streaming site. Just enter the video url and save to your pc. Simples

  9. I've been using SuperAntiSpyware for a bit, seems as good as any other ad-ware/mal-ware program, and quite quick.
  10. Speaking of PDFs you don't actually need the full monty Adobe Acrobat or even Adobe Reader to view PDFs.

    I use this one which is very much lighter than either of these two Adobe packages.

    Foxit Reader 3.0 for Windows

    "As a small and fast PDF viewer, Foxit Reader currently has over 50 million users all around the world. After keeping users waiting for almost two months, Foxit Reader 3.0 has been released and introduces many fascinating new features such as multimedia design and Foxit OnDemand Content Management."