Useful Piece of Kit?

Why buy a man bag? Just do what the recently departed GSM (PARA) had slung over his shoulder everyday. he had an old 51mm mortar bag! Havent a clue what he kept in there, but i am sure someone from his unit will be able to tell us?
Wouldn't it move about a lot when you run?
Certain units have been using Claymore bags for years in the same way. I can see a use for them when it comes to carrying extra mags, smoke and bandoliered ammo etc.


Ned_Seagoon said:
Not ideal for patrol but very much favoured by those bobbing in and out of vehicles or stuck in a sangar.
Ah Good point never thought of that

Mr Happy

Speaking personally I always used to stuff that sort of stuff down the front of my smock. Of course I recognise that 'hot sandy places' and 'smock' don't go well together.
Don't go holding your breath but I gather that there's an issue version due into your local branch of Q&Ms pretty soon (probably be for band camp only though).
Similar items made by Troopers of Colchester were used by guys with 16AA as grab bags for vehicle crews etc.
Have a look at the Troopers thread!

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