Useful phrases in Kosovo Albanian/Serbo-Croat?

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by Tartan_Terrier, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Just guessing here, but I presume that those of you who were deployed to Kosovo were issued some sort of guide with useful phrases in these languages? If so and you still have it kicking about any chance you could scan the relevant bits and post them here?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  2. i just threw all the old phrase cards out last week, thought id never be needing them again. the SFOR and the KFOR ones.
    all i remember is pet pivo molim, 5 beers please ;-)
  3. Think you just asked for 5 beer there, andy: 'pivo' is singular - 'piva' is the plural.

    @Tartan_Terrier: what is it that you're looking for? I've still got the old UNPROFOR phrase book somewhere but you'll have to wait until tomorrow before I can find the frckin' thing.

    ............and for the full meal it should be 'Pet piva i pizze, molim/molim vas'.
  4. Ja sam priatel ne putsate!


    Stani illi putsate

    or words to that effect. (I never learnt to write them down, just say them)
  5. If nothing else at least I won't starve or die of thirst now! :)

    My plan was to make a flash card with the absolute basics in the relevant local languages as well as French.

    Would I be correct in assuming that both languages are still used in Kosovo (depending on the ethnicity of who you're talking to)?
  6. that case, you're probably better off knocking summat up from Google Translator: it even gives a (rather tinny) audio feature, too.

    Don't listen to us: we'll just get you fat, pissed and into all sorts of bother.
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  7. Both de meera . Well that's what it sounds like . Nice ass in albainian
  8. Mos Puno Shume (used when speaking to lazy Kosovan albanian worker)

    I am told it means "Dont work too hard" and is supposed to be sarcastic (eg. Hey mate dont strain yourself)
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  9. Ne putcai musselmanija, hvala. Not that it works of course.
  10. after ten years of EU and NATO cash being thrown at it,is it better or still a hole?
  11. Oh how the dark winter evenings used to fly by as we constructed phrases from the US issue IFOR handbook. Such delights as; Stop! Lie down on the ground! I am going to touch you! Open your mouth! This will not hurt! Just 2 more minutes. Thank you for your help you can go now. That and drinking all the free Merlot, which used to arrive by the pallet load every week, kept us amused for about 6 months or so.
  12. "stani ili putsam" is "stop or I'll shoot" I think......or something along those lines. Shout it out and I think they'll get the idea.
  13. That's the only one I remember too.
    T-T, what sort of phrases are you after? The cards we were issued were just stop, challenge and search type stuff. None of the 'what time is the train to Zagreb' phrases were thought to be required.
    Phone the Defence School of Languages at Beaconsfield, they will have something of use.