Useful NSNs

These are all Coyote Brown in color.

individual medical pouch: Eagle Industries #MC-MEDP-MS-KH
kit bag: NSN: 8465-01-516-7955 (BAG,KIT) -
patrol pack: NSN: 8465-01-516-7959 (eagle coyote brown patrol pack) -
hydration system: NSN: 8465-01-516-7960 (eagle coyote brown hydration system) -
3-mag bandoleer: NSN: 8465-01-516-7961 (POCKET, AMMUNITION MAGAZINE) -
Rhodesian recon vest: NSN: 8415-01-516-7966 (VEST,TACTICAL LOAD) -
frag grenade single pouch: NSN: 8465-01-516-7967 (eagle coyote brown frag grenade pouch ) -
MBITR pouch: NSN: 8465-01-516-7968 (POCKET,RADIO,MBITR) -
SAW pouch w/detachable top:
24-rd shotgun shell pouch:
1 qt. canteen/GP pouch:
leg panel:
M-4 single/double mag pouch:
.45 cal pistol mag pouch:
flash bang pouch:
HABD pouch:
dive belt adapter:
E&R bag:
smoke grenade pouch:
chemical/biological mask bag:
M-60 ammo pouch:
slung weapon belt catch:
M-4 triple side by side mag pouch:
pop flare single pouch:
Mk-54 breacher pouch:
40mm grenade single pouch:
shotgun breacher pouch:
Barrett single pouch:
SR-25 DMR mag pouch:
ASDK bandoleer:
breacher tool carrier:
patrol pack radio carrier:
field load carrier:
12-gauge shotgun 16-shell panel:
modular assault pack:
GP pouch w/ light holder:
GP pouch w/o light holder:
Can anyone help with NSN for a Sam Browne, my unit are pretty dreadful at getting this sorted so I thought, as with a lot of things, I’d just do their job for them and present the NSN. I’m 6’ and a 32” waist.

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Description: Belt, Ceremonial. Sam Browne No1. Brown. Leather. 35mm wide adjustable. With brass fittings and two "D" loops.

size 1
28.75 to 33.25
size 2
31.75 to 36.25
size 3
34.75 to 39 25

Belt, Ceremonial. Sam Browne No3. Leather. Black. 35mm wide. Adjustable with brass fittings and two D loops.

size 2
32.5 to 35.5
Anyone got NSN's and descriptions please for those folding metal tags used on jerrycans to show the fuel type, yellow for diesel and red for petrol, grey for kero etc.
Look in JSP 317 Part 2 Vol 1 Annex B.

DIESO UK, Depot Filled. NSN: 40R 9905-99-767-3032
DIESO UK, Unit Filled. NSN: 40R 9905-99-433-3092
DIESO MT, Depot Filled. NSN: 40R 9905-99-845-9038
DIESO MT, Unit Filled. NSN: 40R 9905-99-270-7856
KERO A, Depot Filled. NSN: 40R 9905-99-297-6209
KERO B F-58, Depot Filled. NSN: 40R 9905-99-282-2259
DIESO KT, Unit Filled. NSN: 40R 9905-99-474-5691
ULGAS F-67, Depot Filled. NSN: 40R 9905-99-256-5081
ULGAS, Unit Filled. NSN: 40R 9905-99-752-1047
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