Useful kit, tips froth a wealth of different experiance.

Hi there guys.

Chatting with my muckers over beers etc and been swapping and slagging many an idea concerning kit. decided to throw it open to all of you out there in the hope of spreading usuful ideas army wide to make everyones life in either sand box, or some other sh1t hole in the world, a bit better.

Any tips on belt kits, vests, bergens, daysacks, cookers, boots, tooth brushes, sandbag holders :D or any other ideas very welcome.

Before anyone starts slagging me as being an over keen cadet, can i please state for the record i'm not a cadet. Im an 11 year regular soldier in an Inf regt just trying to be helpful, and learn.

A question for the millions to start us off... recently used a pair of DPM gaiters that were the spitting image of yeti ones. They were issued for arctic use. Does anyone know where i can get a pair?

Does anyone have a SASS commanders pouch for sale? they've stopped making them and i'm keen to get hold of one.

One thing i've started doing on my kit is getting a local cobbler to sew loops to the sides of my pouches for MOLLE add on pouches. Worked really well during a recent jungle trip for loopline pouch - double pistol mag pouch that takes firefly and oil bottle etc.

Thanks guys
Instead of a commanders pouch have you thought about the new issue trauma pouch,

"Pouch Medical Trauma 8465-99-978-4567"

Splits down into various compartment & has all the clips & buckles ala PLCE Utility pouch, slightly longer & deeper, if you can demand them saves buying somthing, even works as a personal trauma pouch!
After something the same length as the ammo pouch really mate. find anything longer gets in the way, plus cant carry a variaty of things from ammo to TAMs and Night sights etc. Thanks anyway though bud.
Ahh well then its e bay I guess .Or adapting some sort of molle pouch
their must be something out there wish you luck.


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If SASS have stopped making it try asking around if anyone will pick up the design and run with it?

There is a guy from israel on here somewhere who has a webbing company plus the Inf Forum sponsor (Vanguard) runs a small factory on the Isle of Wight.
I'd thought about getting the Commander's pouch too, but obviously won't now.

What's the froth you refer to in the title?

The head on your beer?

Cremola foam?

The kind rabid dogs have dripping from their mouths?
I posted this on another thread and was advised to stick it on arrsepedia CLICK HERE
It's just a general guide for kit in the sandpits.

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