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Oh, bore off.
paul2005 said:
As advertised in your other threads:


and this one:


and another one


as well as a full page spread in the sixth sense a while back.

and I'm sure you've plugged it more but couldn't be arrsed looking for them.

Good luck with the site anyway.
That is just the point, I have plugged it a lot, and just recently I noticed a drop off in the number of new members, so I polled the ones I have to ask whether they felt the site had run its course, and the answers I got all stated the same thing.

"A lot of people just don't know about the site"

That is why I am injecting more effort into letting them know.

I knew nothing about the full page spread in Sixth Sense, I don't live in Germany, but I suspect one of my members, who also has his own REME Auction site did a bit of advertising for me.

I also have a member who doesn't want the site to close because he managed to track down an old friend from the days he lived in UK with his late-father who was REME. He now lives in Missouri!!

I am not the only one who thinks the REME-only community site is a thing that needs to stay up and running.

I have a rolling free ad in Soldier Magazine that is publicising the site, but I need more visibility.

PLEASE pass on the details to your friends, current / ex-REME, old pad brats etc. etc.


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