Useful Courses for Subalterns

With the next PTC not being run until next year, are there any other longer courses (or weekends for that matter) that a subbie could complete in the meantime with a view to improving opportunities for mobilisation/FTRS?

What capbadge are you?

Have you done MK1 (V)?

Attached is a doc I was given by Adjt 26 Engrs a couple of years ago. Not all entirely relevant to the TA, but most is.




I've lurked on Arrse for a while but I thought your question was worth breaking cover for :)

I don't know how recently you commissioned, but the next step after TACC Module 4 (RMAS) is Post Commissioning Training, formerly known as Module 5.

It is not compulsory as of the most recent RMAS course, but I would still recommend it as it covers a lot of the content in the document MSR kindly posted, which a lot of units don't seem to have the time to cover in-house any more, expecting you to learn by osmosis.

I don't know where you're based, but 51 Bde RTC is running one of these courses over weekends in October, as well as 3-weekend residential courses for MK1(V), and has taken subbies from other Bdes before.

CMCQ is a useful one.

If you hanging around waiting get on this, then you can help on ranges.

You can then progress onto RMQ to run ranges, then finally onto LFTT later on.
Hardysa said:
Yes, am inf. Mod 5 is already in hand.

Muzzer - thanks for that doc - Where can one do MK1 (V) other than 51Bde?
LONDIST RTC do - two weekend next one running in Sept.

Also I'd say you should get yourself of an ETL (Endurance Trg Leader) course I would have hoped that all (certainly Infantry) Subbies should be looking to have that qual as well at CMCQ/RMQ as someone elese said.
Get onto the Mustache Course. Every subbie should learn to cultivate the art of a twirled whisker.

The mustache has a wonderfully powerful effect upon a man's whole expression. The idea of virility, spirit, and manliness that it conveys is so great that it was a long time the special privilege of officers of the army to wear it. - Mrs. C. E. Humphry (Etiquette for Every Day, 1904)

Keep the tradition strong.

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