Useful Civ courses to do on Army time

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by accidentalscaley, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. I'm looking at any Civ courses that'll give me useful quals for when i leave the Army. I've got 8 years left and don't want to wax it all by monging it on Arrse. Any useful! suggestions? I was thinking NEBOSH stuff
  2. Anything with computers :D
  3. PRINCE 2
    IOSH Managing Safely
    Any NVQ level 4 but particularly management
    BTEC Level 4 in Instructing (counts toward the new Certificate and Diploma in Education)

    The list is endless............
  4. PRINCE 2 Definitely

    However -

    I did the basic skils golf course and really enjoyed it - potentially completely useless but a week off to learn how to play golf was pretty damn good!
  5. msr

    msr LE

    ECDL too.

    Best thing about courses is that not only do you get a qualification, you also have the best answer to the interview questions "Tell me about a time you showed initiative / tenacity / personal whatnot?"

    You could spin the answer out over several minutes :)

  6. You're on drugs. ECDL is wank and everyone knows it. If anyone ever came to an interview and started using that as an example I'd wet myself laughing.
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  7. Look at Stratford Business School ( They do business qualifications ranging from a Higher National Certificate, through a Higher National Diploma right through to a MBA.

    For example, the Post Graduate Certificate is 6 units, with my military courses I only have to do 2 of them for the qualification (a month or so study). For the level 7 Post Grad diploma it is 3 further units (about 6-8 months study) and for an MBA a further 3 units. All this (less 20% of course) paid for by the ELC scheme.

    Not quite done in Army time but paid for by the Army and prior accreditation not too bad!
  8. Except the question to "why did you spend tax payers money on golf"
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Unless you are applying for a NRPS / PSAO job with the TA ;)
  10. I’ve got to agree with you there.
    ECDL is something I’d expect to see on the CV of someone fresh out of school with no experience, not from a 22yr Rsig.

    Get an Open University degree in IT if you don’t already have a BSc.
    Also get an MCSE, CCNA, ITIL, and join the BCS.

    You’ll never be unemployed and you’ll never be poor.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Read some of his posts:
  12. 8O

    Accidentalscaley, your username is quite fitting :D
  13. look at what you would like to do once your a civvie and then look at courses that will enable you to go for that level of employment.
    whilst its a long way off the old planning and prep prevents piss poor performance rings true
  14. Depends what you want to do.

    PRINCE2 is good if you want to get into Project Management as its any project not just in IT

    there is also ITIL

    Any Cisco - CCNA or CCNE

    Forget MCSE, every man and his dog has that unless you go down one of the specialist routes, ie Security

    This is the latest MS List -

    There is also LINUX, CITRIX and VMWARE is another one that's starting to get popular, also LINUX and VMWARE do have free downloads on their websites or they used to........

    And don't believe all you see from so called training companies on tv. Most employers do require experience due to the amount of people who used to do Boot camps, get the certification then apply for a job with no formal experience.

    Golf is good for getting to meet the bosses etc