useful christmas gifts??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by coolmum, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. hi people,
    my 18 yr old son is just about to complete his 6 wk basic training at catterick then come home for xmas. any ideas on really useful presents i can buy him on civvy street that will assist him and come in really handy when he goes back in january.
    any ideas much appreciated.
    cheers rach
  2. Money!

    Money is always a useful present, it is accepted at all good shops, knocking and other. You can use it in so many different situations, swap it for beer and kebabs for instance.

    So I think if you gave him some money, lots and lots for preference, it would be a good christmas pressie.
  3. I don't think he will want anything Green (Army kit) as he will be around it all day long, plus anything Gucci or keen kit will be seen by the instructors as Waltish. Buying of Gucci kit is best left until arriving at your unit to get a feel for what is needed and what is just generally a waste of time.

    Even though he will be busy from dusk til dawn a little something for his down time might help. A few ideas:

    1. PSP
    2. IPOD
    3. LAPTOP (With wireless to email/webcam home)
    4. New clothes for the Friday night bop (Maybe money so he can pick)
    5. Loads of porn
    6. A digi camera (for all those alli phots in the field and nights out)
  4. An electric toothbrush.

    We've all seen Private Benjamin.....
  5. Maybe not an electric toothbrush, but a decent good quality battery operated razor would always be handy. On excercise in winter in the freezing cold, strip to the waist and shave with a blade or pull your hood down and use a battery razor? Mmmnn difficult choice not!
  6. a thai bride
  7. ODP has a very valid point & i think he'd appreciate the cash to be honest, you can't go wrong with cash as pressie's imo
  8. thanks for all suggestions, (even the thai bride)lol....
    my son has many of the above said items i.e ipod psp etc... said he doesnt want to take them, cos even if his locker is locked he said he has been warned about theft, ( how could some of them do that to each other)???????
    so gonna go for warm civvy clothes, thermals, good foot creams, top up cards and good hard cash, but loved all your suggestions, so thanks very much xx
  9. "Not all your mates are your friends..."
  10. What about an I-Tunes e-top up?
  11. cash works, look a any jock unit 10 days after payday, good sign is full scoff house at lunch time and dinnertime.

    good padilocks with spare keys work, issue kit work so hard to say what else to buy?

    Oh almost forgot get a elite by petzl its great for its price plus replacement batteries are not dear.
  12. ahhh, good padlock and i tune top up, didnt think of that.......... good one
    thanks xx
  13. Couple of pairs of thermal socks as its Fkn' freezin down here.
  14. Hip flask(Full!)
  15. Are you on drugs?
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