used Space Shuttle - one (fairly) careful owner...


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'NASA has knocked down the price of a used space shuttle to an affordable $28.8m - a considerable saving on the $42m it originally wanted for Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavour.'

anyone fancy making an offer?
I can see it now...........ARRSE painted on the side, with MDN and Flashy arguing over who's going to be the commander.
im surprised they aint all going in museums
Does that include delivery?
Reading the article it seems that the $29m IS the cost of delivery! The shuttle is free... provided you are a US based body. Surely someone here is experienced at moving heavy loads.. It could be displayed in a desolate carpark somewhere, next to a derelict Concord and a smashed up Vulcan


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well, obama's cancelled the Constellation it seems - at the minute, the replacement is looking like this - CST-100 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

'The CST-100 crew capsule is a spacecraft design proposed by Boeing in collaboration with Bigelow Aerospace as their entry for NASA's Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) program. Its primary mission would be to transport crew to the International Space Station,[1] and to private space stations such as the proposed Commercial Space Station from Bigelow Aerospace.'

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