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Used Jaguars...

Now, before I go any further, I'd just like to point out that I am the most un-car person in the world. Thank you :)

Anyway, Ive been fancying a change of car for a while now; I cant afford a brand new one but do have a budget of about £5000.

I was looking on-line at 5-6 year old Jaguars with FSH etc and think one of those could fit the bill. They start about £3500 and mileage is variable from about 60,000 right through to the moon and back.
I'm after a diesel which I figure would be better for motorway driving (its main use) and for my small amount of cash feel that I could still get 5-6 years of quality and relatively carefree motoring in a well-kept Jag.

What does our panel reckon?

I had a S-Type after years of panzers. Despite a FSH the following went wrong in the year I had it;

Cracked brake fluid pipe from the master cylinder led to full brake loss, only £40 to fix mind you, but bloody scary
Clutch went on the air con compressor - £200+
Drivers door electric window regulator knacked - £100+
Various central locking gremlins which were never quite cured
It ate two sets of front pads (ok I did over 30k miles) but expected better.
Oh and a slushbox that'd slip into neutral every now and then

On the plus side it was very comfy, very relaxed for long drives, the 3.0L V6 petrol returned over 35mpg and I got a lot of car for the money.

Would have a jag again? - only if I could afford a used XF with remaining warranty

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