Use the Search. Use the Search


this is shit every time i use the search i always come across threads with the same arrseholes saying "use the search".
whats the point in searching if every thread says use the search?

maybe execute all the use the searchers then i could search for what im looking for

example. I used the search and looked up Electrician, because thats what im hoping to do in the army after i finish college, but the problem is the first to threads which come up in the results, asking the exact questions i would like to be answered, have been answered with "use the search".

are they doing this to get their forum post count up or something? so what if somethings been asked more than once, let someone answer properly, it wont affect your life in any way

p.s, heres a funny thing, type in "use search" into the search arrse forums and there are 810 results coming back!!!
Try going further back in history. Someone, somewhere, has asked about being a sparky before you.


Book Reviewer
Try searching for other words - like Sparky. Either way, the search works for me, unless I REALLY can't be bothered, at which point people tell me to use the search.

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