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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Smoking_Sigs, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. Why do I find more and more people using the wrong names for places and getting upset when people get confused?

    The new one is Javelin barracks - the amount of people that call it Elmpt is maddening --- it is part of Elmpt station but is not Elmpt.

    The old one that first started to pee me (decades ago now) is JHQ! It is NOT Rheindahlen - you get in a taxi and ask for rhein'd and you will be miles away! It is JHQ or the old name is Rheindahlen Military Complex (RMC) - this in more infuriating and confusing when you look at some of the clubs in JHQ i.e. Rhein'd Music Club (RMC). Just how many of these 'Rheindahlen clubs' actually have people from Rheindahlen in them ................... about none!!! How many represent Rhein'd ..........none!!

    I know the JHQ/Rhein'd naming is thoroughly rooted and gets perpetuated. When we built the SCP in the big house I was arguing for ages that it should not be SCP Rheindahlen but the Hoffisers insisted! Hell have many SCP's are in germany ........One!!

    Any more places out there that need putting right??
  2. Nice one but for ten quid?

    1. Who (Amazingly decided on the SCP ) Fcku I thought it had gone.

    2. Who was in the chinky which was Pops and Eddys but was really not there, with his bosses in the back?

    3. Which pisssed up squaddy can remember the real name of the camp?

    4. Which German Taxi driver picking ANY pissed squaddy in the area does not take them to JHQ?

    Edited for my mental health? How did you build the SCP? Where did you get the "Commanders Chair" from ? How about the perspex for the C**ts glass wall. Please tell?
  3. Lighten Up Smoking ! There are far more important things to worry about. Like Santa Sunday repeatedly leaving my downstairs toilet seat up while he has been staying, and also putting the toilet paper on the holder the wrong way round. Also I hope you are not responsible for the abortion of cabling under the floor in the SCP. And even you admit that the place is correctly known as RMC (Rheindahlen Military Complex) And therefore the contraction to Rheindahlen is acceptable. It is about as close to Rheindahlen village as Blandford Camp is to Blandford anyway. WRT to Elmpt, at least the Army has called it after the name of the village with which it is conjoined. A lot closer than calling it Bruggen eh??
  4. ermm well yes this is true but its not very helpful when they do take you to JHQ when in reallity your at Elmpt 8O well that will teach me for jumpin in a taxi drunk and saying "camp please" oh well PS thanks to that nice RMP girl who i met while looking for somthing to eat and kindly put me up! :D
  5. Bloody hell, is there anyone around on the sigs section thats not connected with SCP(R) in some way.

    Taxi nach Har Coo bitte!
  6. scp(r) was my first posting out of factory it was ace!!!!! think i was a bit spoiled cause after that posting nothing has ever really compared. we had a ace group of seniors who really looked after us and loads of top juniors to go out on piss with... and why do u even need to get a taxi when the marly is on the door step!!! :lol:
  7. I was there '98 to '01. First posting, still bump into loads of people from there. And now and again hear some class gossip about those who are now out (Windy).
  8. Not to mention if you are from Viersen, White City, Windberg, Ayshire estate, Birgelen, Wilders, Bracht or Wegberg (sorry if I missed anywhere)
  9. There was nothing wrong with SCP(R) while it was a "proper" unit (and yes I do use the term loosly!)

    But when it was taken over by DCSA things just went wrong, even the unit flash is wrong, (although i take part responsibility for along with one other lad)

    I'm another one who's first posting it was (2001-2004), the guys and gals were great, miss you all!

    Long live the Gravel Pit!!!!!!!!! :)
  10. If you can't remember 3 letters (JHQ) then how on earth do you remember your own name ??
  11. Yes I was the team leader for the cabling but we had the floor all up when it was initially installed all neat and tidy .......its the changes that have been done since that are the mess (apparently as I have not been down there for some time).

    Yes they are close to each other but JHQ is a recognised seperate 'suburb' of Moenchengladbach with no direct affiliation with Rheindahlen - except that years ago we used to have some MQs there (horrible flats that we thankfully handed back).
  12. Hey, Smoking-Sigs, d'ya think you could have given us a bit more room for the cabling, even the SCP rats are complaining!