just a gripe really but is any else gettin threaders with the pure lack of the search function??

i move for the CO's to put one clearly on the homepage to get rid of fuk-tard repeat threads!!
I can understand that most recruits (like myself) have a lot of questions that they want answered.
But some questions that I've seen posted on here are just tooooo f*cking dumb.

I dread to think what some people are going to be like when they start phase 1.

Me, I'm just worried how I'm going to look uniform.
Cheggers, that would be too easy! They would have to think for themselves then.

I'd happily read the "what run time do I need" threads over and over again, if it'd mean an end to those shite "wahs" we keep seeing, along the line of:

"Wen kan oi join da SAS blud"
No one minds you asking a question or even a dumb question but the same fu@king dumb question every two days, just to pre-empt one or two, yes mr.russell your arrse will look big in CS95, Army boots are the same size as any other boots, bring what is on the list, yes you should own up to criminal convictions, Your 5 year driving ban will affect your joining the RLC as a driver, no I will not be at any fukcing ATR next Monday and my favourite the Asthma attack you had last week that put you in hospital for 2 days may effect your ability to join the SAS straight from school in October.

PS. Use the Search button


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How do I find that?


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Not another bloody thread about the search button!

This must be the eleventy-third one . Why can you not look at past posts and realise it has all been done before?

Use the search function to look for the search function, and realise that the search function can be your friend!

By the way, can you help? My boots, which are S.A.S recommended, had an asthma attack 5 yeras ago, but have been fine since, apart from the epilepsy; so my question is, when can I get my V.C?


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What's your best 1.5 mile run time?

We need a big fcuk off search button on the joining up page or some kind of word predictive function that detects fcukwit phrases and then redirects the loon to Fukwitistan!
Will I need a suit to wear for that?

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