Use of Trident Would be Illegal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. WHO CARES????
  2. Perhaps Mr Singh QC could explain that to the government of his forefathers.
    Last time I looked, they (together with Pakistan, just to add balance :)) seemed the most
    likely to actually use one.
  3. Typical human rights lawyers bleating on. Don't they realise that it's because of the deterrent effect of these weapons that they are able to whinge so much about human rights in the first place?

    As they say in the Russian Navy....

    Toughski Shitski
  4. To be fair (to the western govts) when was the last time nuclear weapons were used?

    With the amount of planning and analysis required (not to mention the expence) with precision weapons, I think that the western powers are trying pretty damn hard to avoid civilian and collateral damage.

    Edited to add: MS164, go away.
  6. it's all bo11ocks of course....
  7. why dont we unload the royal navys entire stock of tridents on france to test this theory that it is unlawful if it is proven to be unlawful well we will have got rid of france so we would have to pay the compensation to a small pacific island that the frogs had flatened with a nuc its a win win situation
  8. I am afraid that politically to become a non nuclear power would be stupid, out permanent seat on the UN Security council is in part atrributable to the fact we are a nuclear power. It ratehr depends on the point of its use. If it is a deterrent against attack on the UK mainland then I would suggest that if these weapons were to be used it is likley to be as a result of an equally indescriminate attack on the UK. If we have nuclear weapons for use against aggressor nations that are not themselves nuclear then I would agree, we would clearly be illegal. However if we reach the point of using them I doubt that we will care about the International Court of Justice.
  9. F**kwit.
  10. Fair enough point I suppose. I just have two rather practical questions:

    In the event of a nuclear war:

    1. Where would they find someone alive left to prosecute?
    2. Where would they find a courtroom?
  13. Sorry mate, couldn't resist it. Next time I'll stick a smiley on it.
    Still chums?
  14. There we go, got a bite out of me!