Use of the Hard Shoulder

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Horridlittleman, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. On Friday I had the misfortune of being stuck on the M40 after it was closed between Banbury and Gaydon. It took me 3 or so hours to do 3 miles; however plenty of people felt they didn't have to wait and kindly used the hard shoulder to escape the traffic jam and continue their journey unhindered. This was miles away from the next junction rather than a couple of hundred metres before the exit. I sat and gradually got more and more annoyed watching these people scoot along. Obviously they would cut back into the inside lane when their progress was blocked so inconsiderately by some selfish so and so who had the audacity to use the hard shoulder when they'd broken down.

    Are these people justified in their use of the hard shoulder or am I right to get annoyed while thousands of others wait patiently?
  2. Isn't it a shame there's never a copper when you want one.

    Scooting down the hard shoulder is beyond selfish, in many circumstances it can be lethal.
  3. If you are in Iraq, the use of the hard shoulder is permitted, so long as it is only to soften the blow of your detached head as it hits the ground.
  4. I have sometimes seen the Peelers waiting at the next junction with a pair of binoculars and a book of tickets waiting for the scums to arrive and get their just deserts, but all to rarely in my opinion.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    A copper being about is not always that welcome. I was driving to work one early dark morning when i could say something banging about in the back of the van. As it was about 5 miles to the next junction, and i didnt know what was making the noise, i pulled safely over and stopped, so i could sort out the problem. As i pulled away, i saw a set of headlights swerve into the hard shoulder behind me and begin to come to a halt, at which point his blue lights started flashing. I believe in being courteous to police in general, as they are doing an often unpopular job, and we would probably be worse off without them.
    However these two didnt believe in returning the courtesy, as they proceeded to give me a ticket, adding three points to my licence and removing £60 from my bank balance, as the threat of something crashing about in the back of a van does not warrent stopping on the hard shoulder. I am convinced that as it was in the early hours, these two had decided to give me a ticket before they stopped regardless, to make up their quota.

    and breath. In the past i have seen someone scoot from the outside lane into the hard shoulder in one go in order to avoid traffic. Didnt even attempt to brake...
  6. Gib not funny mate :shaking:
  7. Only a reference to the two dudes hung in iraq this morning, nothing else. Sorry if offense caused.
  8. Sadly, its indicative of our increasingly selfish society. Five years ago nobody drove on the hard shoulder, but five years ago people tended to stop when they hit a pedestrian, increasingly, this is no longer the case.
    Hit and runs are on the increase, and even when caught, many of these offenders show no remorse and seem genuinely aggrieved at the suggestion that the life of some poor unfortunate who's head has just bounced of off their windscreen, is slightly more important than missing an appointment.
    Sorry to drag the thread slightly off topic, but it seems to be all part of the same overall problem.
  9. Do what I do, position yourself as far onto the hard shoulder as possible to stop their progress, usually the person behind you will switch onto what your doing and allow you to fully block them off without taking your place, if you do this keep an eye out for the police or ambulances in your rear view and I'm not suggesting that you do it to many vehicles as your just going to cause mayhem.

    Its funny watching them in your mirror though!
  10. I also do this with the striped sections on road where two lanes become one so that idiots barrelling up the outside can't zap past the queues of traffic. As you say, often the people immediately behind you get the picture and do the same.