Use of Stab Vest by RMP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by GoneWrong, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Jus wanted to see if anyone else had heard the same... the Pro Coy Im currently serving with has had a directive from our CO stating that we are no longer allowed to wear our stab vests unless the threat is IDENTIFIABLE... now what happens when the threat is unidentifiable?? I think this is a ridiculous directive, and just goes to show how out of touch our superiors are... I've heard its got something to do with looking to aggressive!?!
  2. Just goes to show what a generation of Health and Safety nonsense can do. Not so long ago RMP Duty Order was No2 Dress hat, clothes and shoes. Please tell me how many RMP have been murdered on Garrison Duties in the last 20 years? Oh and by the way, hand cuffs and truncheons were rarely issued as well.
  3. I thought they were to protect you against your peers??
  4. Today the RMP do a lot more out of garrison policing... generations have changed, with some having very little respect for authority and also there are those who carry weapons.
  5. B0ll0cks! Some people are just scared.
  6. What do you mean western?
  7. Quite simply that RMP have always carried out joint patrols with Civilian Police all over the world in societies equally as violent as any that exist to-day. Quite simple a pair of trousers, a shirt and a Red Hat were more than enough clothing to carry out the task. All through the 50s, 60's, 70's, 80's and most of the 90's RMP managed to go out on patrol without any other item of 'protective equipment' unless there was a specific threat.

    Since then, although squaddies do the same old nonsense in the same old places dressing up as a cross between Worzel Gummage and Robo Cop seems to be the norm. Could someone explain what threat profile justifies this or is it just as I suggest H&S nonsense. Please include casualty figures.
  8. On the subject, RMP used to be among the smartest soldiers in the Army.

    Today's lot are a right scruffy shower - some of the ones I have seen have gungy No 2 Dress shirts with green pullovers, shiney barrack dress trousers, worn out and dirty berets, light coloured civvy socks with unbrushed BCH.

    They are always polite and well mannered though, as would be expected.
  9. 40,000 civlian police officers in the England and Wales were threatened with a knife in 2007.
    7,000 were threatened with a firearm in 2006/07.

    Statistics from the Police Federation indicate that those stabbing incidents which occurred were from an unidentifiable threat.

    Source: BBC

    Today the RMP work with UK CivPol, which wasn't the case yestayear. The reason behind the RMP being given Stab Vests was partly as a result of an attack on a patrol in Germany, which left one member of the patrol in hospital for a lengthy period. The generations which join the Army today have changed, more carry weapons, more use or supply controlled substances, more have no respect for authority, the shift in a generations attitude is not deniable.
  10. The reason a lot of duty rig worn by the RMP may look scuffy is because it is no longer issued and replacements cannot be sought, but the heirachy will not allow a change into C95 as this is to aggressive for us. The RMP are awaiting projct PECOC.

  11. Again B0ll0cks RMP have always had people injured on duty, some very seriously but it does not justify stab vests as a matter of routine.
  12. You have said it yourself, the fact is that it was deemed that RMP should be issued with Stab Vests... and they were, the stab vests are here, everyone has one, but now are denied the opportunity to wear them.
  13. And a good thing too!
  14. You have quite a strange attitude for one of the Old an' Bold.
  15. Please explain?
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