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Use of Regimental Cells ?

Gout Man

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Yet blokes from all regiments and corps manage to get into the civilian police and pass all the exams with just as high marks as ex RMP. Even Guardsmen - in fact some of them have done really well.
“Even Guardsmen“, you cheeky fecker;)
Long gone are the days of me nicking naughty squaddies and bouncing them all the way back to their guardroom. Worst night was Cambrai Day in Fally in 1992, I jailed the same few individuals a few times, the guard commander kept releasing them to go back town on the piss until the duty RMP Ord Sgt threatened to jail him if anymore were released. :D
While serving with the 1st Bn Royal Scots (The Royal Regt) in the late 80’s, I was 2I/C of the guard one Saturday night. Suddenly at the guardroom window there stood a man mountain of a young private. “Corporal, lock us up will ya, these ejits are tryna lock us in their gaol!”
There then appeared 3 out of breath RMP, running up to the window and grabbing Pvt Mountain. They explained that he had been ejected from a local pub in Werl, attempted to go back in, assaulted and hospitalised 2 bouncers and as the RMP were patrolling town as they often did, had stopped to arrest him. 4 RMP had struggled to get him in the Sherpa van, but eventually he’d been coaxed in!
Fast forward to the van struggling up the hill near camp, slowing, changing down and getting ready to turn in to the RMP camp next door to the Royal Scots. Pvt Mountain took this opportunity to boot open the back doors of the van, roll handcuffed onto the road, pick himself up and present himself at the guardroom window for arrest!
I obliged, and the RMP agreed that probably the best course of action was for him to spend the night in his own camp, and face the music with the CO in the morning, they would provide a statement in the morning too.
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No, of my own free will, after 7 years, I'd had enough and moved on to pastures new. ;)

Fair do's, I only asked because I remember at the time a lot of people looked on it as the winning lottery ticket, grabbed it with both hands and ran for the hills.

We lost a lot of talent, as all the very best took the money and ran leaving the dross behind, I wasn't even eligible...:pissedoff: