Use of Medals in Halo3 Promotional Website

A bit of TV inspired surfing brought me to the website. They have a thing there called the John-117 memorial which includes an image of what appears to be a British veteran complete with medals. I believe I can identify the following:

The 1939-1945 Star
The France & Germany Star
The Defence Medal
The War Medal & MID Oakleaf

They are listed in order left to right as you look at them. Is this creditable?

The chap wearing them looks like a veteran so I suppose it's possible they are actually his. Perhaps its a stock photo or he does a bit of work as an extra. I notice that this is the only image of medals in the memorial there are no American medals despite the fact that the market for the game must be largely American.

I have to say I find the "Memorial" a bit creepy, its a work of fiction to aid in selling a video game but it takes itself very seriously so to speak and I cant help feeling that its pushing the envelope a bit in terms of taste. Technically its very impressive though.
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