Use of Gas in WW2

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Legs, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. Sat watching War Horse, and being a bit bored I got to thinking: Did any nation actually use Gas (apart from on the Jews etc in the Concentration Camps) as a weapon during the Second World War? I know Britain expected it to be used against us, did the Germans expect it to be used against them?
  2. I don't think either side used it, for fear of getting some of their own medicine in retaliation. The memories of it's use in WW1 lingered on, I suppose, on both sides.
  3. Well they carried ressies.
  4. Just in case it was used by the axis powers, Churchill gave orders that we manufactured Gas. The factory still stands empty in North Wales as it is considered to be a toxic contaminated site.
  5. Didn't gas get used during the invasion of Poland? Seem to remember something about the royal signals team attached to the polish cypher bureau being the only British troops to be gassed in ww2
  6. and if the wind suddenly changed direction the gas could blow back on to your own lines, leading to a sort of blue on blue situation.
  7. Expect? Only in the begining, later on it was "prepared for" thankfully Uncle Adolf had been gassed. The fact that even up till the end of the War Respirators were carried by the Germans, the allies not so.
    The German Legion Condor did use Gas during the Spanish Civil War mind. Am not sure about Japan against China.
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  8. Towards the end of the war Hitler considered using the new German gases, Tabun and Sarin. Either he was persuaded better of it, or his underlings managed to make excuses till he started on some other idea - they didn't want to get gassed in retaliation. Churchill also had a brainstorm of using low concentrations of mustard gas on German cities in order to overload their medical services with wounded civilians, but Harris told him to **** off.

    When Operation Sealion was thought to be imminent (according to Alan Bullock), Spitfires were equiped with tanks and sprayer systems in order to mustard-gas German troops landing on beachheads.
  9. We made rather a lot of Liquid Mustard; and had the infrastructure to manufacture, store and deliver it:

    Subterranea Britannica: Sites: Lords Bridge Forward Filling Depot pretty typical of what was built.
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  10. I seem to recall that the Americans seriously considered the use of poison gas on Iwo Jima to deal with those who refused to come out of the cave and tunnel system. They did use tear gas.
  11. As mentioned. Had Operation Sealion been anything more than Teutonic fancy Churchil had already given the order for the use of gas on the invasion beaches.

    Hitler wrongly believed that Great Britiain stocked enormous stockpiles of poison gas, far in excess of the Reich, and feared the consequences of the RAF delivering those gases to German cities in retaliation should they use them first.
  12. Fang_Farrier

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    We had gas, sent it to Italy in 1943 in case it was needed, unfortunately a air raid hit the ship carrying it inside the harbour of Bari. It caused the death of Italians who were technically still at war with at that point, although not a deliberate release of gas.
    Air raid on Bari - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. The Italians used gas during the Abyssinian campaign. Also the Germans had 7.92mm with a pellet of teargas in it, not particularly effective as it was only after captured stocks were examined that anyone knew about it, I can't find the source for that at the moment, but will quote it when I do.

    Edit, I think its from a book on A/Tk warfare by Ian V Hogg.
  14. Well we certainly put gas in our barrage baloons.

    I think the innocent Germans out sight seeing over London in their Heinkels were quite entitled to consider them to be weapons as the cable sawed the ******* wing off.

    I think we should apologise now, don't you?
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