Use of CBA in the jungle

Can anyone out there help me to find some information on the use of CBA in the jungle environment? If you have any comments or experiences that I could utilise for a course presentation, I would be very grateful. Thanks.


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It Seriously pisses you off.........  

Lot of the considerations are similar to those necessary for operating in desert environments whilst wearing it.  

Most important - drink lots of water + make sure the jocks do too.  

Secondly make sure they don't wear the CBA done up to tight at the sides, if they do they can end up with nasty blisters, friction burns and an evil dose of nappy rash - friction of damp clothing pushed against the skin.

Thirdly, make sure the guys get any scratch, rash or blister treated quickly or it will become infected fast.

Fourthly - try and get hold of the old style tropicals shirt and trousers - they have a tighter weave and don't let the bugs through as badly as the new "Tea Bag" ones.


Wore it during native trail ex in Belize. Above comments are all valid. Make a point of getting it wet during river xings or when replenning water otherwist the heat creates ammonia out of your sweat and it burns.

You'll have to seriously up your water intake. Try to minimise time when wearing it i.e last safe moment before any attacks etc. Wearing it whilst tabbing through the green seriously wears you down.



Check this out for some generic CBA info plus some specifics on US experiences in Vietnam.

This next link covers US casualty statistics and highlights the value of CBA in reducing fatalities.

I recall having to conduct a similar presentation prior to deploying to the trees once, and uncovered some casualty stats comparing USMC and US Army losses (can't remember where from though).  The USMC habitually wore CBA and trained it into their ethos.  The US Army didn't.  Not surprisingly, more Leathernecks made it back from the point of wounding.  Stats like this certainly assisted to quieten the "you wouldn't wear it in this environment" crowd.

Completely agree with the comments of line_grunt and door_bundle


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All valid comments.

Just wear it when you need it and beware of the pitfalls should you wear it too long.


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