Use Mobile whilst driving? Have your tyres slashed!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Found this in the Times (on line)

    Tyre slasher's victims deny they talked at the wheel

    Basically, someone is slashing the tyres of the anti-social idiots who insist on talking/texting on their phone whilst driving. They leave a calling card saying "Warning. You have been seen driving while using your mobile phone.”

    Police, strangely enough, are baffled as to who the perpetrator could be. Which is strange because they are normally all over "car" crime, obviously the slasher doesn't move quick enough for a camera to snap him.

    From article

    I find it hard to beleive that the guy has found 20 people who have not used their phones whilst driving!!!!

    Well they would say that wouldn't they!!!
  2. Quite right too - I also want public disembowling of people who park in two spaces, or who use the parent & child spaces or disabled spaces when they are not entitled to (Best laugh I had in ages was watching a blonde in a Merc sports and a prison officer in a Ford Focus reversing into each other in Sainsburys in Bridgend one Saturday a few months ago. Both of them reversed out of parent & child spaces (neither had child in the car) at the same time, straight into each other. I had to be physically restrained by my wife from going "Na Na")
  3. Perhaps the perpetrator of these vigilante attacks should have his tiers slashed for carrying an offensive and illegal weapon? Whatever next slashing someone’s face for speaking out?
  4. Now that's an idea :D

    It'd be interesting to find out how he selects his victims; ie, if they're all in his/her street, or if she/he follows them after seeing them on the phone for some sneaky beaky tyre slashing. He's costing them a lot more than the £30 fine they'd normally get.

    By the way, I can't stand people who are on their phone whilst driving :twisted:
  5. bwhahahaahahahahhahhaah
    excellant idea
    its not like the police are catching these twats.
    handsfree kit or wiat till you stop I very much doubt thet message is life or death and theres bog all you can do about when you on the road anyway :?
  6. I totally agree with them, where can I sign up!
  7. Any people who hog the middle lane should be hung, drawn and quartered.

    I suspect that the slasher isn't working on any intelligence at all, he's just picking random cars. Most of us have used a mobile while driving, so he's working on the balance of probability.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Those who live in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones. Any more many more... :)
  8. Just going off the line slightly but this mother and child parking does my head in. Why should I have to walk further just because some fat wifey who has a multitude of sprogs with her get better treatment than myself, she got pregnent, she knows the score - so make the fat bitch walk like the rest of us - I freely admit that I use the mother child spaces all the time and am waiting for some fat cow to complain so I can give her a piece of my mind - what is going to happen in the future are we going to have islam and muslim parking only (all facing east) - sad old gits parking (for myself) - women only parking (bays are twice as big and an attendent to direct you in)
  9. My fat wifey doesn't use the car, she doesn't drive. I, however do use the mother/parent and child space, as I have 2 sprogs. I don't really need to be that close to the shops, so I have no objection to old men stealing the spaces so they have less distance to scuttle to the toilet. Hope you have no objection to your car doors getting scratched and dented when my kids hurl the doors open. They're at that age, you see... no concept of the cost of things at 3 years old, and so impetuous. Doesn't bother me, of course, my cars an 11 year old BMW with plate steel doors! :D
  10. Just as well then that when I do use the mother/child spaces I only go in them when I have nicked a car - keeps mine nice and new and sprog free
  11. Ever tried getting small kids out of both sides of the car at the same time without smacking the shiny doors of the cars either side?

    My pet hate is why are there always three times as many disabled spaces than kiddie ones? Almost everyone has kids, and yet it must be only one in a hundred who needs a wheelchair. Equality Prats.
  12. No she was too busy looking in the sunvisor's mirror putting on her blue circle cement opps face paint :twisted:
  13. Wasn't that Jesus' line?
    Quickly followed by "OW that hurt. Mum what are you doing here"?

  14. Clearly what is needed at supermarkets is some sensible thinking. Providing a means of preventing people bringing children at all would be ideal, but since many seem unable to avoid it (why aren't more houses built with cellars these days?), I suggest a 'park and ride' scheme - park the children in a large cage outside town, and then take the car to the supermarket. I suspect that this may lead to a large number of unclaimed children, but then we are always looking for new ways of recycling...

    Perhaps there should also be special spaces for women driving Nissan Micras - three times as wide as normal, and with lines painted in any colour but white, since they don't seem able to see them. Of course, here in NI we also need special spaces for owners of Republic of Ireland registered cars - preferably on whatever fecking planet they come from!

    The reality is that I park at the far end of the car park, to minimise the risk of damage by children whose parents allow them to open doors (use the fecking child-locks - choosing to breed is not an excuse for irresponsibility); it's just a slightly longer walk to the hell on earth that is shopping.
  15. I would be a liar if I said I haven't on occasions become so frustrated with my bluetooth "Lt Uhura"-style earpiece and hurled it across the car before answering my mobile. However, texting?? WTF? Unless you are of course one of these chavs who are able to do almost anything - except study or work - whilst effortlessly fingering messages...