use it or losse it

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by longlivethequeen, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Over the past few days we have seen The Dear Leader offer to cut the trident fleet from four to three.

    I ask why not just use it IE take out the naughty boys once and for all.

    Korea. Iran, Pakistan. Somalia and the Stan
    What would happen to the UK on the world stage?
    Could we blame the one eyed mong and say he as flipped out?
    Get praise from the big boys?
    Become a hated country?

    Ideas please?
  2. By the time the 'Clown' Brown made up his mind to use Trident, it would be so out of date the Costa Ricans could destroy the incoming missile and they don't have any Armed Forces.

    Brown's podgy, nail-bitten fingers on 'the button' makes me want to weep for the nation!
  3. LLTQ - you have a very good point.

    I mean, has nobody realised that EVERYWHERE is downwind from us?
  4. and all these ARRSER's with a flatulance problem... 8O

    God help the rest of the world, no doubt the international Red Cross will be claiming biological warfare is being trialled! :wink:

  5. I think you left your briefcase on the train - they've gone and published your staff work on the internet:

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    This made my day! Good call!