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In another thread PartTimePongo wrote:

"Maybe we also need a "Use a reservist" scheme, whereby qualified self-employed reservists are contracted by companies, in return for subsidoes etc. I can see it in my minds eye, but as I'm in rather a lot of pain at the moment from a pre-deployment tooth pull (Which I had to pay for , no Army Med cover) I'm not making a lot of sense.

If someone can see what I'm banging on about, could they enlarge please?"

Now this really is a great idea. When I joined the TA one of the benefits was that I became mates with plumbers and electricians and so on. I'm sure a lot of you boys and girls still know such useful people but I don't, and if I'm not alone this could work!

Could you self-employed useful-persons advertise somewhere on Arrse, just your username, trade and location, and any of us who need a job doing could look you up? I for one wish I knew a VM in Birmingham as my car will need some work soon...

I know the danger is that Mrs Pitster will come home and find me having a brew with the plumber who hasn't got round to doing the work yet, but at least she knows the meaning of NATO tea.

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