usb wireless keyboard with mouse

all help gratefully recieved,the above came with my one year old hp pavilon shuttle desktop. up untill 2 days ago both where working fine,now only the mouse works yesterday the mouse didnt but the keyboard did.
i am reduced at the momment to typing with the on-screen keyboard.
cheers in advance.
is that a serious question should i even answer,obviously ive changed them both in the mouse and keyboard,i even bought a new mouse today got home tested it with the old board only the mouse worked. tried the old mouse and it works but now the keyboard doesnt.
you will find that there is so much unlicensed wireless nonsense flying around these days there is a good chance your wireless devices are just shagged.

however check your ports on the pc/laptop make sure they are still working the way they should be, sometimes it is these, but i have a feeling your devices are just shagged
I agree with Sweatysock. My computer illiterate mother has one of these and had me over a couple of weeks ago because it wouldn't work. It took five minutes and all I did was stick in a new set of Duracells and then look at the bottom of the controller/base unit thing and follw the setup instructions (more like heiroglyphics) exactly. It worked fine after that.
Also if you look under the keyboard there is usually a sync button have you tried pressing this, also if you can get into the settings of the keyboard/mouse (thru control panel) try a different wireless channel - some give you this option. Failing that just get a wired keyboard, they are handy because if your computer crashes you will need a wired keyboard to get into the BIOS and make changes, wireless gear isnt picked up until windows starts.

Speak to your IT guy at work or if in the forces nick one from the various spares dotted around, its always handy to have a wired keyboard.

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