usb tv aerial

Would just like any recomendations for a digital tv aerial for my laptop for use in afghanistan. I know on H9 the signal was widely available in bastion. Is it true that the same is now available in most of the larger fobs also?
Can't help with an aerial but can confirm you can get BFBS in the larger FOB's. I know you could in PB2 (down the road from Price)
I bought one on H11. Worked a treat. One word of warning - the EFI as usual change the prices as they see fit. I bought if for $25 in Dec 09 if i remember correctly, i then saw it in the EFI in BSN 2 a few weeks later for $45 and $50 in BSN 1.
Have not seen them advertised in UK, so might be worth waiting till you get to theatre and see what on offer.
They're all over the internet for under a tenner sometimes. Google / Amazon / Ebay etc.

I've looked into them but haven't got one yet so can't give any recommendations I'm afraid.

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